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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

4D3N Bangkok - Day 1: After You | Platinum Mall | Street Food

(Read on Day 2 HERE / Day 3 & 4 HERE)

A few weeks ago saw me travelling to BKK for the 3rd time! I always look forward to going there because of the awesome shopping and lovely food :) I was pretty anxious initially because of the protests and unrest that was/is happening there, but so glad things were under control during our stay! The only bad thing that happened (besides the crazily hot weather) was probably us getting food poisoning (we have no idea from what)... an experience I never want to go through again.

Anyway this was Day 1 of our trip! We flew by AirAsia and touched down at around 12.30pm BKK time:

Because we were about an hour early for our hotel's check-in, we decided to have lunch first at After You @ Siam Paragon:

Siam Paragon's really big and there's a loooot of food, I've been there twice on my 2 occasions to BKK but I didn't even come across After You. Anyway it's located on the ground level, right beside the Gourmet Market:

They have a queue number system so you can just wait at the seats outside for your number to be called. The turnover rate's pretty fast, we only waited about 10-15 minutes for our table:

They provide free + freeflow tea too!:

Strawberry Limeade (105baht / S$4) - I don't really like this cos there's too much sugar syrup in it... and the strawberries taste artificial:

Shibuya Honey Toast (175baht / S$6.80) - their signature toast which is very very yummy! The toast is really thick as you can see, with crispy edges and soft + moist + sweet interior. I especially love the corners of the bread hehehe. I can now understand why my friends who've been here miss this toast so much. I kept thinking about it myself too:

Matcha Toast (205baht / S$8) - I was expecting matcha-flavoured toast because of its name and the higher price, but it is only the ice-cream that is matcha :( Felt a little cheated but it still tastes good nonetheless!:

Italian Sausage Pancake (185baht / S$7.20) - the pancake looks plain and unappealing but it is not. I hesitated to try it until the very last bite was left, and I regretted after because it is actually soooo good. Slightly on the salty side, but I like it:

Our meal totalled to 670baht which is only about S$26! Cheap and good :9

After You
Siam Paragon, Ground Floor

Daily: 10:00am - 10:30pm
Tel: +66 02 610 7659

After lunch we headed to our hotel Glow Trinity Silom, which is located about 100m from Chong Nonsi BTS station (3 stations from the central, Siam BTS station):

Erm, I really didn't mean to capture their unglam shots lolol:

I would really recommend this hotel if you're going to BKK! It's really clean and pretty (pink!!) and I give a huge thumbs-up for their service. They have a near-Olympic sized pool and a gym (pictures in the next post), and you can also rent DVDs for free! There's free Wi-Fi and their room service's cheap and efficient too. There are also 2 cafes located on the ground floor but we didn't get to try them during our stay:

Off to Platinum Mall after that for shopping! We were on a tight budget (I brought about S$300 only?) so we only explored about 3 storeys before calling it a day. The mall also closes pretty early, at around 7.30pm BKK time, so there wasn't much left for us to see either:

We wanted to have some street food for dinner, so we headed across the road and found a stall that was randomly set up outside Shibuya 19:

Tomyam Soup with Prawns - tomyam soups are a must-try in Thailand of course! Their soups aren't as spicy as I've expected and the tomyam taste is just nice. This comes with the freshest prawns we've ever tasted too! Unlike those usual frozen crunchy ones:

Squid with Salt - crunchy and slightly dry, but very flavourful:

Chilli Clams - countless amount of clams stacked in this plate, and the spiciness is addictive:

And that was it for Day 1! Goodnight Bangkok :)


  1. Hi, u stayed in Glow which is near BTS Chong Nonsi rite? Hw u travel to platinum from there? By BTS?

    1. Hi! Yes, you're right :)
      We took the BTS from Siam station to Chong Nongsi. We mostly travelled by BTS to save money! :)