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Friday, May 2, 2014

Black Mambo Amplified!

Two Fridays ago Becky and I helped out at Black Mambo, a Salsa event held @ Lowercase, from 8pm - 2am. We basically collected tickets and stamped guests' wrist with a cute Ballerina stamp! In other words, we were the 'door bitches' lolol:

Sorry guys, you'd have to stick with the ballerina on your wrists hahaha:

Shuwei! In her red hot lippie:



With the giant, Tien Min hahaha:


With one of the organisers, Daniel:

"Ehh TY, help us take candid shots leh." Which weren't actually candid cos we posed for most of them hahaha:

Thanks for being our photographer that night, Tee Yien! :) And as you can see from the number of photos we didn't do much the whole night hahaha but it was fun nonetheless!

Hope everyone had a good Labour Day! I spent mine drawing a picture of a whiskers-less tiger (check it out on my IG) haha. My plans for BKK got cancelled/postponed last-minute, so here I am, still in Sunny Singapore!

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