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Monday, May 19, 2014

Forty Hands @ Yong Siak Street

Helloooo I'm back in Singapore! :D Had a great 4D3N in Bangkok though the weather was crazily hot there. And really thankful there weren't any riots/protests where we went!
Anyway this was brunch with Ruby last Thursday @ Forty Hands:

They have slightly expanded their interior so there's more personal space between each table now, and they've also launched a new food menu!:

Lime Soda (S$6):

Iced Chocolate (S$7.50) - too milky for me, but Ruby likes it:

Truffle Fries (S$9) - shoestring fries with truffle oil. Quite disappointed with this as we both think the truffle taste isn't strong at all:

Eggs Benedict with Juicy Steak (S$16) - 2 beautifully poached eggs on juicy steak, with side of spicy roasted potatoes. The potatoes are really nice but there's a little too much for us to finish. We love the hollandaise sauce too!:

Eggs Benedict with Organic Bacon (S$16) - served with sautéed spinach and side of spicy roasted potatoes:

Forty Hands
78 Yong Siak Street, #01-12
Singapore 163078

Tues - Sun: 8:00am - 7:00pm
Tel: +65 6225 8545


Currently down with a fever, cold and diarrheoa... boo. Glad it happened right after the trip and not while I was still in BKK, but gotta give my lunch date a miss today :'(


  1. I wanted to go to Forty Hands on Sunday with my friend, but it was so packed :( I didn't know they actually expanded the place - I find it too cramped for my liking! Their Eggs Benedict with the steak looks really good though :)

    Random: are you going for lyrical jazz at O School tml? :)

    1. They did, but just a little! The seating arrangements are slightly different I think haha. I didn't like it on my first visit too, it's almost impossible to walk w/o bumping into someone else's table :/

      No, I'm not going cos I've other plans already! Are you going on a weekly basis now? :)

    2. Trying to, as much as possible. But of course if I get too busy at work there'd be times I'd have to skip too.
      Yea, honestly I think Forty Hands is too small a space. There's 1 pillar there that's really in the way, and I can't stand it too. But their food honestly looks really good!

  2. Hey may I know what camera do you use to take all your pictures? :)

    1. Hi! Photos in this post (and the previous one) are taken with Panasonic LUMIX GF6 which I recently bought. The other entries are taken using Canon 500D/iPhone 4S :)