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Thursday, May 22, 2014

TheFaceShop x The Journey of Youth with SMIM

Two Thursdays ago, I was invited to THEFACESHOP's Journey of Youth with SMIM Fermentation Concentrate event @ Cotton.

Here was my outfit! The theme was Pastel Pink/Peach and this was the best I could do hahaha. Anyway if you haven't read my previous posts, my hair was done at Black Hair Salon! :)

With Christabel, who totally forgot to dress according the theme hahahah:

"Reverse the effects of time with THEFACESHOP's Miracle of Youth - SMIM Fermented Concentrate Total Treatment. Formulated with 85% of fermented yeast extracts, this miraculous goodness revives the metabolic activities of skin cells to restore the healthy and youthful glow in you.

Acting as a power booster to enhance the synergy of products used in subsequent steps, this ‘Miracle of Youth’ promotes texture refinement, firming, wrinkle resilience, sebum balancing and radiance. This pre-treatment essence is used after cleansing and before the application of toner."

Here's Sheena Phua, the face of THEFACESHOP, telling us more about the product:

Demonstration/hands-on time!:

Benefits of Fermented Yeast Extract:
- Skin regeneration
- Brightening
- Wrinkle Repair
- Moisturizes skin
- Promotes collagen synthesis
- Restores elasticity to skin
- Enhances the rate of cell turnover in the skin
- Stimulates and activates cell metabolism
- Enhances wound healing
- Increases production of ATP
- Improves the oxygen uptake in human skin cells

We tried the product on ourselves and it really worked so well! The SMIM product was placed on our wrists for a few seconds to allow full absorption, after which water was sprayed onto the area with the product + an area without (further up my arm). Look at the differences in the effects - water was absorbed so much faster at the area where the SMIM product was applied.

So do use the SMIM Fermented Concentrate Total Treatment after your cleansers and before your toners/moisturisers etc to allow better and more efficient absorption of the latter!:

After that it was time for dinner.
Tuna Salad:

Fried Skinny Wings:

Beef and Chicken:

We had a Word Search competition towards the end of the event and I was one of the two fastest girls to complete it! Heheh I've always loved Word Search and would compete with my Mum when I was younger. Thanks for the wonderful prizes (and thanks Ruby for the shots)!:

With the other lovely girls at the event :)

Thanks for the invite Alethia! :)

And... GOOD NEWS for all my readers! Simply flash the badge below at any THEFACESHOP outlets and be entitled to a 40% off your 2nd purchase from the SMIM Fermentation Concentrate range when you purchase the SMIM Fermentation Concentrate Total Treatment!:

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