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Monday, June 9, 2014

4D3N Bangkok - Day 3 & 4: Chatuchak Weekend Market | Farewell

(Read on Day 1 HERE / Day 2 HERE)

Bangkok Day 3
Day 3 was Chatuchak day! We had breakfast at this mixed rice stall just around the corner of our hotel. There's always a long queue during dinner time so we decided to try it out to see if it was really good:

And it was! Except for the Chicken Liver (we only found out the following day that it was liver.....) which I didn't like. And it was really cheap too - just 50baht (S$2) for a plate of rice and any 3 items:

And off we went to the Chatuchak Weekend Market! It is located right outside Mo Chit BTS station:

Nobody leaves BKK w/o trying their Coconut ice-cream (50baht / S$2)! I'm not a fan of coconut, but I really love the ice-cream version. I had mine topped with barley and nata de coco. It alse comes with a refreshing coconut drink:

Seafood Pancakes:

And I love their freshly squeezed Orange Juice (no salt, no sugar added) which comes in really handy under the hot sun:

Twist Potato (30baht / S$1.20) with Tomyam seasoning. I couldn't really taste the tomyam though:

I know I don't look tired at all here hahaha but I was really dead beat after just 3-4 hours. Spot the heat rashes on my neck too:

Came across this fruit juice stall that sells Watermelon juice! I hate watermelons, but I love anything else that is watermelon flavoured (e.g bubblegum, sweets and this!):

Went to Central World in the evening and we had our dinner here, somewhere in Siam near Platinum Mall:

Snakehead Fish (180baht / S$7) - the fish's really huge and there's so much meat! I really like this, and it's so cheap too:

Prawns - we were hoping these would be as fresh and tasty as the ones we had on Day 1, but no:

Tomyam Soup with Pork - the soup's good of course, but the number of pork slices is quite pathetic:


Day 4
Our last day in BKK! Flight back to Singapore was at 10.40am BKK time, so we had to leave really early :(

Had breakfast at the same place again because I really liked the food hehe:

Waited for the shuttle bus A1 at Mo Chit to DM Airport:

At Don Muang Airport, before entering the gate!:

Goodbye +66! You'll be missed, and I'll definitely be back again! :)


  1. You stacking on Windy for selfie HAHAHA!

    I am missing BKK too lets go TGT next year!

    1. We were actually trying to imitate a picture!! Show you when I see you hahaha.

      YESYES sighhhh we could have gone tgt this year :'(

  2. Hi Wenhui!
    May I check with you which exit from DM airport is the bus A1 bus stop and which from mo chit station how do you get to the A1 bus stop? Sorry for the trouble and thanks!! :)

    1. Hello! From DM Airport, you can exit from Gate 6. The A1 waiting area/"bus stop" is just right outside! There'll be a bus conductor standing around.

      As for Mo Chit BTS station, leave via the Chatuchak Weekend Market exit. Usually when you head to Chatuchak you will be walking straight ahead after coming down from the escalator, but to go to the bus stop, make turn so you're walking away from it (in other words you'll be at the back of the escalator). The bus stop is just about 100m away! Similarly there'll be a bus conductor there to help you, and you'll see a lot of buses passing by :)

      Hope this is clear enough!

    2. Oh okay!! thank you so much for the detailed explanation! :) :)

  3. Hello Wenhui, is Trinity nearer to DM airport other international airport?

    1. Hi! I am so sorry but I don't think I can be of help here... hahaha I can't even remember the details of this trip!!