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Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Royal Dance-Off (TRDO): Chapter 4 @ Kallang Theatre

14th June 2014 marked my 2nd year stepping onto the TRDO stage, this time with a different team name and with different dancers. This year's journey was far more amazing, perhaps due to the longer time spent with each other and the amount of commitment and emotion everyone was willing to put into the piece.

(Certain photos credit to official photographers and Jillian's Dad)

31st May - Heats @ Goodman Arts Centre
After the announcement of results:

We told each other to stay cool if we were called out, but we just couldn't contain our happiness we jumped and screamed immediately hahahaha:

14th June - Finals @ Kallang Theatre
Reported at 11am and spent our whole afternoon rehearsing + doing stage blocking + doing our makeup:

Kriss, being his usual sweet self, made these for each of us!!!:

While waiting for our Pastamania dinner to be delivered to us hahaha:

7.30pm - showtime!

Some shots of our item (#8 - Timeless)! Love how we look so perfect yet imperfect at the same time here:

We were told, just before going on stage (they couldn't wait for a better time), that we were to stay for an interview session with 2 other teams after the final team was done. WHUUUT hahaha.
And here was Sandra comforting me because I sobbed really badly on stage when Ada described what our piece was about. Hahhahaha so embarassing:

Waving to our DanceArt supporters!!:


Jane and I look bo geh here because of the shadows omg hahahaha:

Thanks to those who came down to support! Here are some of my DA peeps :D

Even though we didn't manage to realise our 'secret dream' (hehehe), it's been a great few months journey with these girls and we've all matured so much! :) Sorry for getting injured at the last minute (what's new?? Sigh I swear it's really a curse) such that certain things have to be changed during our final rehearsal. We could have reached our secret dream if not for that right?? Hahahaha just trying to make myself feel better.
Anyway, I haven't felt so 'into' a piece before, thanks for feeling and emoting it together with me, and thank you all for giving your 101% on stage that Saturday evening!!
A huge thanks to Kriss too, who have been ever sooooo patient and dedicated, pushing us to our limits during every single practice. Sorry for the times we climbed over your head..... oops. Thanks for always bringing food for us too!! It really motivated us hahahaha ;D

Anyway, I'm up for new challenges in the last half of 2014 and in 2015!! Let's make things happen (Y)

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