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Wednesday, July 23, 2014


The usage of the word you sometimes carries such a heavy weight during an argument: You were not being understanding; you were the one who started it; you weren't being patient enough; you need to be less insecure. But is it really? Do you really have the power to start everything if I was also understanding enough of your situation; if I didn't allow an argument to arise by clarifying certain things earlier; if I have also done what I could to assure things will be okay in the end?

Many a times we blame the other party for the cause of a fight while overlooking what we might have actually indirectly done (or not done) to spark things off, but really, everything works 2 ways. When I start pointing fingers at you for starting everything, it's simply pushing all responsibilities away from myself. But take a step back and think - could a fight have started in the absence of me?

How does a reaction occur without an action?

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