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Sunday, August 10, 2014

6D5N Taiwan (19th - 24th June 2014): Day 3 & 4

(Read on Day 1 & 2 HERE / Day 5 & 6 HERE)

Day 3:
Breakfast the next day was at San Yuan / 三源 located at ATT4FUN, which was of walking distance from our apartment:

Stir-fried Cabbage (NT$220 / S$9) - a little oily, but very crunchy and sweet:

Salted Egg Yolk Pork Ribs (NT$320 / S$13.50) - I love anything with salted egg yolk so these worked really well for me. They were very crispy on the outside and tender inside!:

Prawn Rolls (NT$320 / S$13.50) - can't remember how these tasted like, I guess they were okay but the mayo spoilt everything:

Signature Pork Xiao Long Bao (NT$120 / S$5) - we didn't quite like these for some reason... they didn't taste significantly better than the ones sold in SG. BUT THEY WERE SO CHEAP!:

Handmade Porcupine Mantou (NT$100 /S$4) - we ordered this only because it looked cute (I even added eyes for it! Hehehe). The skin was too thick imo and it dried up + hardened pretty quickly. Pretty much tasteless too:

Steamed Mini Chocolate Lava Buns (NT$264 / S$11) - chocolate desserts are always a good idea, and these didn't disappoint! Yum yum. A little expensive for its size though:

Our billed totalled up to NT$1654 which is only about S$70.

San Yuan Chinese Cuisine
5FL, ATT 4 FUN, No.12 Song Shou Road

Daily: 11:00am - 11:00pm
Tel: (02) 7737-5088

Went off for some desserts after that at Hello Kitty Kitchen & Dining @ Zhongxiao Fuxing station. Reservations are needed in advance (we called about 3 days prior to visit) because it is always verrry crowded:

The cafe interior is overloaded with cuteness!:

Most cafes in Taiwan require a minimum spending per pax, and here we were required to spend a mininum of NT$300 / S$12.50 per pax (excluding drinks). We were also limited to a dining time of 1.5 hours:

Kitty Oreo Cheese Pie (NT$300 / S$12.50):

Kitty Golden Chocolate (NT$380 / S$16):

Kitty German Pudding (NT$340 / S$14.50)

Tiramisu (NT$300 / S$12.50):

Kitty Brulee (NT$300 / S$12.50):

Decided to have an advanced birthday surprise/celebration here for Bev! Yay:

We all thought that the desserts tasted below average (maybe except the Kitty Brulee and Tiramisu), even though they looked really cute and yummy:

Lo and behold, this is actually the toilet in the cafe (2nd level)! Too pretty:

Hello Kitty Kitchen & Dining
No. 90, Section 1 Daan Road
Daan District, Taipei

Daily: 11:30am - 10:00pm
Tel: +886 2 2711 1132

It started raining heavily when we were about to leave the cafe... don't you just hate it when it keeps raining on your trip? It is really so troublesome to carry an umbrella around and you can't enjoy everything to the fullest :(
Anyway we headed to Xi Men Ding / 西门町 @ Ximen station for shopping + more food!:

Ordered some Chicken Cutlet and Squid Ink Tempura from this 1973 香香鸡 stall. I really loved the tempura! So tasty and chewy on the inside:

The staff even gave us a Fried Mushroom to try just because Yanning asked if it was good. How nice of him!:

The famous Ay-Chung Mee Sua / 阿宗面线! Yanning and I practically gobbled down the large-sized bowl hahaha:

Some of us were really hungry again/still hungry hahaha so we stopped for some food at 天天利:

Their 卤肉饭 tasted normal, not as great as the one we've had on our 1st day:

The Oyster Omelette / 蚵仔煎 was so disappointing as well we didn't finish it. The oyster omelettes in Taipei probably don't suit our tastes:

We left Xi Men Ding with a lot of undone business, so we came back on the last day to finish up whatever we wanted to do.

Headed to Shi-Da Night Market located @ Taipei Power Building station, but along the way we saw this bao shop, 永丰盛 , with a really long queue. My friend told me the meat buns in TW are a must-try so we got that + a peanut bun:

The meat bun was soooo juicy:

Shi-Da Night Market / 師大夜市:

Heard the food here at this 大台北平價滷味 stall is another must-order in Taiwan so we did! Only planned to have yi dian dian (a little) but we ended up ordering a whole lot hahahha okay what's new:

Went back to Shilin Night Market because we were unsatisfied with the shopping done at Shi-Da hahaha. Here's our ice-cream from 7-11! FYI, their 7-11 sells really awesome soft-serves:

Day 4:
Had brunch at Coffee Alley / 咖啡弄 @ ATT4FUN first thing the next morning! Love how ATT4FUN is of walking distance from our apartment:

Must try their Salted Caramel Latte! Very very rich and thick, but can get a little too sweet:

Mustard Bacon Cheese Sandwich:

Toast Skagen Shrimp Salad with Potato - one of our favourite dishes that day! It looks like a poached egg sitting atop the bread but they were actually shrimps buried under chilled salad dressing. So so yummy:

Tuna Curry Ciabatta Sandwich - the bread was soft and the tuna filling was so generous. The curry flavour was really strong as well:

Loin Cheese Croissants Sandwich - didn't really try this because... not my kinda cheese lol:

Waffle with Fresh Strawberry, Ice Cream and Custard - we didn't fancy the type of waffles sold in Taiwan as they are too soft and airy, not crispy at all:

Coffee Alley
3FL, ATT 4 Fun (across Taipei 101),
XinYi District, No. 12 Song Shou Road

Daily: 11:00am - 10:00pm
Tel: (02) 7737-0700

Went to Wu Fen Pu / 五分埔 hoping to do some shopping but the prices there are so much steeper + the fashion doesn't really suit our tastes.
While we were over there we heard so many consecutive gun shot sounds I was so scared, but none of the locals reacted to it at all so we pretended everything was fine as well hahaha. We only found out the next day that those were made by 'fireworks' which we got to set ourselves on Day 5!

Anyway it was almost a whole day of rain again!

Didn't stay at Wu Fen Pu for long, we made our way to Dance Soul to attend a 5.50pm Street Jazz beginners' class! Was looking forward to this because I've always hoped to try out dance classes overseas. Wanted to try their Jazz class as well but it couldn't fit into our itinerary:

With our instructor, 阿帮! Thanks for the challenging and fun class! :D It wasn't exactly what we've expected for a beginners' lesson hahaha:

Dinner after that at Taipei Milk King / 台北牛乳大王 was a disappointment. It wasn't our plans to head here but we were starving after a whole day of shopping + dancing, and the KTV buffet we wanted to go to had some miscommunications with us, so this was the nearest alternative:

In Mandarin,
Bev: "Do you have Lemon Tea?"
Server: "Yes, we have Lemon Juice."
Bev: "Err, no. Lemon TEA."
Server: "Yah, it's Lemon Juice."

We were doubtful but decided to trust him because perhaps they call it 柠檬汁 there for some reason instead of 柠檬茶. In the end they really served us lemon juice instead of lemon tea -.- And the juice blend that I chose was sour instead of sweet too:

Only their Seafood Baked Rice was pretty good!:

Ended the day with some shaved ice desserts at San Xiong Mei / 三兄妹 @ Xi Men Ding, and they were pretty impressive:

Mango Shaved Ice (NT$130 / S$5.50):

Matcha Shaved Ice (NT$100 / S$4) - this supposedly comes with Azuki beans, but we changed them to strawberries!:

Also had these Bite-sized Sausages (NT$35 / S$1.50) which were so horribly salty :(


  1. HAHA our day 4 sounds so sad except for the very good brunch at coffee alley.

    1. I KNOOWWWW. I realised when I was almost done typing the post hahahahaa.