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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bobby Kiran Yeo Photography: Sheryl's birthday photoshoot

3 months ago, Sheryl, Ruby and I had a photoshoot with the talented BobbyKiranYeo for Sheryl's birthday! Our theme revolved around our friendship - how we met and what we usually do when we hang out.

If you haven't read my post with the behind-the-scenes photos, you can check them out HERE! :)

This pretty rainbow cake (with red velvet interior!) was lovingly baked by Ruby's friend, Violet:

Ruby and I are always the ones taking forever to take photos of our food, while Sheryl will be hurrying us hahaha:

Sheryl, always sheltering us :')

Doing what we do best - eat. Hahhahaah:

Happy belated birthday, Sheryl!! Hope you had a great time even though the heat almost killed us.

Thanks again Bobby, we love how the photos turned out! :)

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