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Friday, September 5, 2014

[ADVERT] Pezzo Pizza x National Day | Daylong Sunblock

Pezzo has launched 2 new local flavours in conjunction with Singapore's 49th birthday last month - Chicken Rendang and Singa Laksa. Both of these flavours has been incorporated permanently into their menu.

I was invited down to celebrate this occasion on the Singapore River Cruise earlier in August, and I love how the team has decorated the boat with balloons and colours to suit Pezzo's carnival/circus theme!

Singa Laksa (S$4.90 per slice / S$24.90 per full pan) - this authentic laksa-tasting pizza consists of fresh crab meat, squid, tuna, prawn and taupok (!!!). Laksa leaves are also added to enhance the flavour. The toppings are generous and I really love this seafood combination a lot. I even da bao-ed a few boxes back for my family and friends to try hahaha:

Chicken Rendang (S$4.50 per slice/ S$24.90 per full pan) - with red capsicum, green capsicum, white onions, oregano chicken and Rendang paste. Supposedly spicier than Singa Laksa, but I found it otherwise. There could be more Rendang paste too in my opinion:

It was my 1st time trying Pezzo's pizzas and I was really impressed!:

Thanks Pezzo and Jaslyn for the invite :)

OOTD! White Gingham Midi Skirt c/o As You Are:


And 2 weeks ago, I was invited to Swiss label Daylong's event held at Halia @ Botanic Gardens. Daylong, brought to you by the expert dermatological company Galderma, has set foot in Singapore with their range of sun protection products suited for everyday use.

For 24 years of my life, I have never cared about applying sunblock because I hate the feeling of a layer of 'something' on my face (which also explains why I dislike makeup so much). But after hearing the talk that day on the risks and harmful effects of the sun, I have been trying to incorporate sunblock into my skincare routine!

Daylong provides daily sun protection for diverse skin types and conditions with their 6 new products - Daylong SPF30 Spray-Lotion, Daylong SPF30 Gelfluid, Daylong SPF50+ Gel, Daylong Kids SPF30 Cream, Daylong Kids SPF50+ Lotion and Daylong After Sun Repair.

These products are also designed without additional preservatives or perfumes, are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and dermatologically tested.

What was for lunch!:

Ginger Jive - an ice blend of fresh ginger, fruit punch, orange and honey. Not a fan of ginger but this was very very refreshing I couldn't stop drinking it. The ginger taste was mild, but enough to enhance the flavour of the drink:

Caesar Salad - with shaved parmesan and 62 degrees Celcius hen's egg. I'm never a fan of Caesar salads because of the cheese (ugghh), but I attempted a few pieces of veggies just to be polite lol. Wanted the egg really badly but there wasn't a spoon and I wanted to eat it whole.... so too bad:

Roasted Asian Spice Soy-braised Kampung 1/2 Chicken - with house salad, plum salt and calamansi. This was really yummy it only took me awhile to devour this, especially with the plum salt.
I have no idea why my plate was so wet though (the rest of the ppl at my table had okay plates) so everything felt a little moist and a portion of the salt has already dissolved :(

Frozen Ginger Nougat Parfait - ginger nougat, spiced pineapple sauce, ginger crumble and crispy crackers. I've been to Halia about 2 years ago and I remembered loving their chocolate dessert a lot, and the same goes for this! It felt a lot like eating really cold Macadamia Nut ice-cream with the bits within, except this was ginger-flavoured. It was fluffy and crunchy at the same time:

Thank you Daphne and Daylong for having me! :)

Daylong offers all-around protection for ultraviolet radiation as well as infrared radiations.

It is easy to apply and is light, unscented, fast-absorbing and very water-resistant. Also contains aloe vera and Vitamin E which are beneficial for our skin.

Daily use of sunscreen slows down the ageing process and results in skin that is more resilient, smoother, more elastic and less wrinkled. It also significantly reduces the risk of skin cancers.

Daylong is available in selected pharmacies (at an average price of S$35) from mid-September 2014.

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