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Monday, September 22, 2014

[ADVERT] Yoga for Strength & Empowerment | Windy's birthday!

"You don't need anyone to validate your worth. Bring your experiences on the mat off into your daily life. Take control & empower yourself through consistent yoga practice. Find tranquility, peace & courage here."

Exactly 2 months ago, I was invited by Vera to try out an outdoor yoga practice session under her Yoga for Strength & Empowerment classes. Not only does outdoor yoga increase energy, feelings of revitalization and positive engagement, it also reduces tension, confusion, anger and depression. It was my first time attending a proper yoga lesson and I found it pretty challenging, but I thoroughly enjoyed the 1 hour there! :)

Every session, Vera concentrates on different qualities (e.g., arm strength, steadiness), and that evening the focus was on Strength and Balance:

Trying very hard not to fall here haha:

Releasing all the stress from that day, and feeling the calmness towards the end of the session:

With Vera! Thanks for having me!:

Vera aims to combine her love for physical fitness with the awareness of the importance of emotional/mental wellness. Beginners are definitely welcomed, and lessons are catered to individual physical needs.
I like how her classes are small such that more attention can be given to each person, and certain things can be explained more in details in the given time frame :)

Location: Open area near Marina Bay City Gallery (about 400m from Marina Bay MRT station/Raffles Place MRT station)
Time: 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Fees: Donation basis! :)

For more information / to join the classes, visit:
Instagram: @vswellness

(Thanks Candice for taking the photos!)


And exactly a month ago was Windy's birthday! He wanted something handmade, so I did an Exploding Love Box (via Youtube) for him:

Planned to surprise him at his house at 12am after my dance rehearsals, but he happily went for supper after his own rehearsals >:( So I waited from 11.40pm till 1.30am around his estate before he finally got home. Entered the living room (thanks to Wilson who let me in!) while he showered, and he didn't even see me for a good 1-2 minutes after coming out hahaha.


Been so busy the past few weeks I am so tired and I've no time to update this space :( [ALL]titude, APG marketing (oh please follow @adultplaygroundsg on Instagram and Facebook!), Five & Dime, Oschool recital, lifesaving, etc etc.

2 more days to DanceArt's [ALL]titude concert!!

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