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Thursday, September 18, 2014

[ADVERT] Macho Moosely's Granolas

Who loves granolas?? I DO! I like to eat them plain or in a bowl of honey yogurt :9

I was really excited when I received 2 packets of granolas from Macho Moosely, a Singapore brand that bakes their granolas in a NEA Certified Kitchen and uses 100% natural ingredients (no preservatives or dairy!). Granolas are a healthy breakfast food/ snack choice as they contain some essential nutrients and keep you filling full at the same time.

"We specially bake each Macho Pack to-order in small batches – so you’ll enjoy only the freshest crunch. We do not add artificial/pseudo-natural additives, preservatives, refined sugars, or any of those nasty stuff. What really makes us special is that we deliver great value! Our granola mixes are carefully crafted with wide variety of fruits, nuts, seeds and grains to specifically achieve super Brain, Brawn, Beauty and also Balance!"

All Macho Moosely packs are low in fat, are vegan and dairy free. Grains, seeds and nuts are also tossed in the mix (so if are allergic to nuts, this may not be suitable for you).

One of the packs I've received was the BALANCE Pack (S$12.90), which has all you need for a healthy lifestyle plus a wholesome boost! It brings you the best of Brain, Brawn, Beauty. High in Vitamin A and antioxidants, this pack is great for excellent skin and body. It also contains my favourite almonds and walnuts!

Ingredients: Rolled Oats (45%), Almonds (8%), Walnuts (8%), Apricots (6%), Sweet Potatoes (5%), Pumpkin (4%), Chia Seeds (2%), Millet (2%). Plus our delightful mix of Organic Golden Ground Flaxseeds, Olive Oil, Pure Honey, Brown Sugar, Sea Salt and Coconut Flakes (20%)

Next up is the BEAUTY pack (S$12.90), which has all you need for a radiant glow. I love this pack especially because of the berries which are really nice to chew on, and they are also packed with antioxidants and Vitamins C & E.
I don't really fancy the pumpkin tastes within though... but I guess that can be overlooked since they contain Vitamin A which is good for skin and eyesight hehe.

Ingredients: Rolled Oats (45%), Hazelnuts (8%), Cashews (8%), Cranberries (6%), Blueberries (5%), Pumpkin (4%), Pumpkin Seeds (2%), Millet (2%), Organic Golden Ground Flaxseeds, Olive Oil, Pure Honey, Brown Sugar, Sea Salt and Nutmeg (20%)

At the back of every pack is a "Best enjoyed by:" date stamp. Once the pack is opened, it is advisable to finish the contents up within a week:

All their packs are priced at S$12.90, which is a really reasonable and relatively cheap price (for such a huge bag) compared to those you get in cafes/supermarkets.

Thank you Macho Moosely for sending these yummies over! :)

The Macho Moosely packs (BRAIN, BEAUTY, BRAWN, BALANCE) can be purchased via:
1. their website -
2. their lovely retailers @ Delcies

Instagram: @machomoosely

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