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Monday, October 13, 2014

[ADVERT] Adult Playground 2014 @ Siloso Beach, Sentosa

(Images/videos credit to APG and COLLAB)

Sponsored by the Singapore Tourism Board, Adult Playground (APG) is the world’s FIRST and LARGEST outdoor adventure festival (for ages 18 and above) that brings together sports, music and food.
With 22 unique sporting activities (both wet and dry) in one venue, you can locals, expats, and tourists coming together for a full day of fun-filled activities!

Sporting Activities

Some of the activities that day will include:

Bubble Soccer - this activity shouldn't be unfamiliar as it has gained popularity recently! Form a team of 5 to 8 and challenge the opposing team by scoring as many goals as possible, while being covered in a ball (your legs are still free so you can run and bounce across the beach)!

Giant Water Slide:

Mega Bounce - ever dreamt of performing gravity-defying flips and turns? Try this! A bungee-assisted trampoline where you can leap 20 feet (8 metres) high and descend safely:

Jiamin and I tried it myself while hosting APG's Youtube video for Megabounce hehe. It was really FUNNNNNN (though scary for me initially)! Catch us on Adult Playground's Youtube channel for more too!:

Here's the highly-anticipated Jetpack (worth S$228, limited slots available)! Ever thought of flying? Well, now you can! The Jetpack harnesses the power of controlled water pressure to propel you into the air.
(Pssst! Find out how to win tickets by following us on our Instagram (@adultplaygroundsg) and Facebook page!):

Banana Rocker:

Speedminton - a fast-paced version of your classic Badminton, plus a hybrid shuttlecock-ball that can battle the outdoor wind and speed across faster than your conventional shuttlecock:

I had a chance to try it myself recently too! Catch me in action here:

Slacklining - similar to tightrope walking, except this uses nylon/ polyester webbing which allows stretching and bouncing. Attempt tricks and stunts on it if you dare!:

Gyrospin - this gets you spinning and spinning and spinning in different orientations - definitely not for the faint-hearted!:

Archery Tag -

Catch Jiamin and I battle each other out - Hunger Games style:

... amongst many others like Dodgeball, Dunk tank, Bossaball and Wheelchair Basketball! (For more information/FAQs, click HERE)

The Bands
To promote Singapore’s local music scene and increase the exposure of local bands, the APG has also invited The Sam Willows, Jack & Rai, Gentle Bones, Still Sunrise and Gareth Fernandez to share their music on that day! Fans of theirs, be sure to head down to show them your support.

The Vendors
Also, what's a festival without food and refreshments? Attendees can expect local food vendors such as Popaganda, The Travelling C.O.W., Kerbside Gourmet and also APG's official whiskey sponsor, Monkey Shoulder!

1. With a focus on sustainable produce, slow­cooked food and using "a ridiculous amount of herbs in our food to bring maximum nutrients and anti-oxidants to your food", Kerbside Gourmet/Kerby will be feeding the health-conscious crowd.

2. The Travelling C.O.W. is the 1st mobile food truck in Singapore. Renowned for their ramen burger, they are always on the hunt for the yummiest food to share with you, so I'm sure they will not disappoint at the APG!

3. Chill down on a hot day with Popaganda's ice pops! They are made from scratch with NO artificial sweeteners, flavouring or preservatives. Dairy-free and 100% vegetarian. I tried a few of their flavours the other day, and I really loved their Grape, Coconut and Strawberry Banana! :9

Are all these enough to entice you already? Wait no more. Get your tickers now!
Feel free to contact me ( for exclusive pricing details ;)

Location & Date
Siloso beach, Sentosa (Diamond, Sapphire beach & Pavilion)
8th November 2014 (Saturday)
10:00am - 7:00pm

Instagram: @adultplaygroundsg


Good news for all everyone (ages 18 & above): We will be having booths/roadshows in NUS, MDIS, SMU, SIM and NAFA, where you can find out more about this event and get your tickets at exclusive prices!
Local indie band, stillsunrise (@stillsunrise), and well as Gareth Fernandez (@garethfernandez) will also be performing a few songs for you right there!

So... mark your date(s), and we hope to see you! :D

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