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Monday, October 6, 2014

The Color Run Singapore 2014! | DWZ Production

Went for my 2nd year of Colour Run (1st year HERE) on the 31st of August, this time with Christabel, Vickii and Teejun! :D Only went again because Christabel asked me to, and I also met Vickii and Teejun in 'real life' for the first time hehe:

(Some photos credit to Ray Photography)

I remembered saying there should be a Green zone, and this year there was! But they removed my favourite Yellow zone :(

Before and After! Significantly dirtier than last year's cos we kept throwing coloured powder at each other at the end of the run hahaha:


23rd August: The #brunchdategirls supported Windy and Jo at their DWZ production!:

This was really unexpected hahaha. Looks like a proposal going on but of course it wasn't. Thanks Shu for capturing the shots!:

Great job!! :*

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