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Sunday, November 2, 2014

[ALL]titude 2014: Pulse (24th Sept 2014)

DanceArt's 2nd annual concert, [ALL]titude, has just passed slightly more than a month ago. This year it was held at SIM's new Performing Arts Theatre (PAT) which was a huge upgrade from what we had last year hahaha:

Shared a dressing room with my fellow Alumnus yay! Who says girls are neat??:

Popsicles from Popagada before the show. Thanks TY!:

Alumni item's choreographer, Kenneth! Thanks for believing so much in me and also pushing everyone way past our limits! 'Forget Me, Not' was my favourite item for the concert hehe:

Yeeshan! We were trees. Hope you like your gift hahaha:

Thank you my other choreographers, Liping and Jiexiao, too! Didn't get to take photos with the 2 of you :(

After the show!:

#brunchdategirls yay. We need to perform on the same stage together again:

Karen! Thanks for agreeing to watch even though you were alone!!!:

Bev; Windy :*

Munkidd and Zhihao, my JC Track & Field mates who have always shown their support!:


And Jane!:

Beverly, who has been working/dancing with me in DA since Day 1. So thankful for you:

And of course, my family. Thanks everyone for coming down, and thank you especially those who have always been there for me :*

Presenting to you... SIM DanceArt!


I'll also be performing in my 1st ever O School Recital this 28th and 29th November @ Kallang Theatre! Those who have caught previous years' would know how grand and mind-blowing this is gonna be! Please show your support for all of us, you will not regret it! :D

Tickets can only be purchased over on O School's website, so click HERE to get yours now! Tickets are selling fast!! :)

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