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Sunday, November 9, 2014

[ADVERT] Nissin Hokkaido miso Japanese ramen

Fancy having a bowl of Japanese ramen in the comforts of your own home? With NISSIN Foods, you sure can! :)
I was recently sent a box of 4 packets of their ramen (but 3 different flavours) to try out - Tokyo Shoyu, Kyushu Black and Hokkaido Miso:

Tokyo Shoyu has a distinct umami taste, and Nori seaweed is included as its garnish:

Originating from Kyushu Island, Kyushu Black features black garlic oil, which gives a fragrant taste with a hint of balsamic vinegar:

The new flavour, Hokkaido Miso, features a flavourful miso soup base and a special garnish, the Wakame seaweed. Originating from Hokkaido, ramen lovers should not miss this miso goodness!:

Since Hokkaido Miso is a new flavour, I decided to try that first! Mum and I also attempted to make some Japanese lava eggs, and this was our most successful attempt (even though still unsuccessful, LOL), after 2 failed ones hahaha. We added in spring onions as well!:

The ramen noodles were smooth and bouncy, and the miso broth was thick and flavourful. I also love the Wakame seaweed garnish! I like seaweed in my ramen :9

The Japanese Ramen range is Halal-certified and is available in major supermarkets island-wide. They are priced at S$3.85 per bundle (prices may very at different supermarkets).

Thank you, NISSIN and Wei Ying for sending them over! :)


  1. I like these ramen much but I can find it in my country : Thailand with halal Certificate. Where I can get it and send to my country?

    1. Well, these are from Singapore! :) I'm not too sure where else has them.