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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

[ADVERT] TUCK Singapore

Sick of eating the same ol' boring chips and sweets every single time, or tired of not knowing what to buy because all the supermarkets/hypermarts/Mama shops sell practically the same things? Why not check out TUCK?? :)
TUCK is your quintessential guide to British confectionary in Singapore! With over 100 varieties, they carry the largest range of chocolates, sweets, crisps and drinks imported from the UK.

Being a really food/snack-person (no surprises here lol), I was so happy to receive a huge package of goodies from TUCK!

Featuring crisps from Smiths, Walkers, McCoy's and the all-time favourite Walkers Monster Munch series:

Couldn't resist eating the Smith's Bacon Frazzles (S$2) first hehe:

And check out the candies! TUCK imports confectionaries like Haribo, Barratt, Rowntree and other retro sweets:

I've loved popping candies ever since young:

Rowntree's Fruit Gum Tube (S$2.50)! I don't know why Fruitips stopped producing their 'rubber' pastilles because that was my favourite! So glad I could have these fruit gums from Rowntree - not the same, but close enough :D

Limited edition Cadbury's Strawberries & Creme (S$4.50) - now on sale for only S$1.50!

And this Ho! Ho! Ho! Sweet Cone (S$10) is really too pretty to be eaten:

Thank you TUCK for sending all these snacks over! :D
For those who are interested, TUCK offers FREE shipping within Singapore for those who spend S$80 or more!

Instagram: @tucksingapore

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