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Friday, January 9, 2015

#brunchdategirls' staycation @ MBS (20th - 21st Dec 2014)!

A while before before Xmas last year, my #brunchdategirls had a staycation @ MBS (thanks to Jo's Dad!) for a little Christmas gathering! :D

Ordered some Truffle Fries that were really addictive:

We also pre-ordered this really pretty and delicious Rainbow logcake from MEDz specially for the staycation! Really loved how it tasted - it was moist, and every layer had a different flavour, though the Mint and Orange flavours stood out the most to me:

Headed out for dinner as it started pouring and we couldn't go up to the pool :(
All the restaurants had really long queues but we settled for TWG eventually. The mains we ordered were really yummy!:

Earl Grey and English Breakfast ice-cream shakes:

Seafood Lagsane:

Duo Salmon:

Wagyu Tagliatelle:

Herb-crusted Salmon:

The tea-flavoured Creme Brulees were really mini though:

Caught the Christmas lights display after that, which were actually no big deal (and there were way too many people). Think we were expecting a lot more from the display:

And then it was back to the hotel room for our Secret Santa gifts exchange! :D

My Santa was Yanning hehe:

We looked awesome hahahah:

Time to dig into the cake finally!! SOOO GOOD I REALLY LOVED IT:

We also bought some macarons back from TWG:

And we couldn't resist another round of Truffle Fries.

Jo & Yan: "I feel like getting truffle fries again."
Me: "Go ahead, I'm not gonna eat. Okay, maybe I'll take 1 or 2."
Bev: "Yah, me too."

Ended up Bev and I ate the most HAHAHAHA. So much for not eating. And somehow this portion tasted way better than the ones we had in the afternoon:

We played many rounds of Taboo/Heads Up while we took turns to shower. It was a crazy night I really wondered why no one came knocking at our door because we were laughing so loudly the whole time :'D

My legs saying hi to Paul Frank hhhahaha:


Ended up sleeping at 3am and Jo and I had to wake up at 6.30am the next morning for a dance shoot (while the rest went up to the Infinity Pool. Boo). SO SO TIRED!
We were dressed as patients for one of the scenes hahaha:

I'm a little late, but HAPPY 2015 EVERYONE!! :D :D :D