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Friday, January 23, 2015

Hyde & Co. @ North Bridge Road | Everything with Fries

Last week's lunch with Teeyien @ Hyde & Co. before meeting Jiamin at her shop:

I love the homely feel as well as the really warm service from the staff!

Cold Brew White (S$7.50) - I can't really tell the difference between cold brews and the usual iced coffees, but apparently these are supposed to taste sweeter due to the lower acidity:

Truffle Fries (S$10) - thick-cut fries mixed with premium Truffle oil and drizzled with Parmesan cheese. Don't know why I ordered this since I don't like fat fries... so it isn't really to my liking haha:

The Full Works (S$17.90) - a full breakfast set consisting of scrambled eggs, a huge grilled cheese Portobello mushroom (which I thought was a meat patty on first look haha), bratwurst, streaky bacon, roasted baby potatoes, sourdough rye and homemade crumpets. They didn't have crumpets that day so it was just toasts:

Lady Hyde (S$12.90) - Hyde's take on the classic Croque Madame: freshly baked brioche, honey baked ham, sunny side-up, pineapple slice and cheddar, sprinkled with house special Hebi Hiam. The taste is pretty unique because of the Hebi Hiam and I enjoyed this a lot more than the ones I've had elsewhere:

Lemon Curd & Cream Crumpets (S$11.90) - these homemade crumpets are a mix between English muffins and spongecakes. I really love the soft and cushiony texture, and the sour lemon curd goes well with them too. I just think they are a little overpriced:

Hyde & Co.
785 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198753

Mon: 11:00am - 6:00pm
Wed - Fri: 11:00am - 6:00pm
Sat - Sun: 10:00am - 6:00pm
Tel: +65 9369 4369


Saturday, at NTU supporting my brother at his competition:

Met Windy for supper @ EwF after dance rehearsals! Haven't been to the HV outlet in a long time, apparently they've renovated the whole place and also revamped their menu + plating!

My Chargrilled Pork Chop (S$21) (yeah, it looks like lamb hahaha) was soooo good!! I didn't fancy the Seasalt Fries that came with it though:


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