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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

[ADVERT] A Call to Care - Dive with the sharks @ UWS

A Call To Care is an initiative started by four NTU students who aim to normalise caring behaviours.

"Through three call to actions of saying, showing, and spending time, we hope that repeated acts of care will become a pattern of care that builds the foundation of caregiving. We need to be mentally equipped to care for our parents in their old age. It can start very simply with three acts."

I was invited to participate in 1 of the 3 campaigns - Show Them Something New - which was aimed at creating an unforgettable memory with our parents/grandparents through the experience of something new. I thought it was really meaningful so I agreed immediately! :)

Here we were, @ Underworld Sentosa 2 weeks ago, where I was able to dive with the sharks (and other marine life) with my Mum! It was both our first times diving so it was a really nervous but interesting experience for us:

We were explained the usage of the necessary equipment and taught to remove water from our masks in the case they clogged underwater:

Putting on the weight belts!:

And then the heaviest of all, the oxygen tank. Thankfully the weight couldn't really be felt once I got into the water:

And in we go! I was honestly very very nervous at this point of time I was shivering hahaha:

Staying at the shallow waters first for a final brief and some emergency drills. We also tried breathing underwater to make sure we understood the mechanics of it. My Mum almost wanted to pull out ("You go in by yourself okay?" "NOOOO!") because she couldn't get used to breathing through the mouth... but she tried a few more times and it got better:

We learnt to clear our face masks with toothpaste and they really became squeaky clean:

After everything was ready, we finally went inside!!

The water pressure was pretty bad and it hurt my ears a lot even though I tried clearing them tons of times. Didn't really work:

The underwater God-of-Fortune came to bless us and pass us our certificates! Hahaha:

Happy Chinese New Year!! Gong Xi Fa Cai:

Thank you UWS and A Call to Care for having my Mum and I! We enjoyed it :)

Check out this video I've put together for more footages from that day! Credits to videographer Sheena Tan:

Would you like to win tickets to the dive sessions (worth S$260) / admission tickets to Underwater World Singapore with your parents or grandparents? There are a total of 8 and 50 tickets to be given away respectively!! Simply:

1. 'Like' their Facebook page @ A Call to Care
2. Share a memorable moment (HERE: you had with your parents or grandparents.
3. 'Share' the above FB post! :)

Contest ends 26th Feb 2015. All the best!

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