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Thursday, February 19, 2015

[ADVERT] Ray's Fight Club

For those who've seen the 15-second teaser I posted on Instagram (@lovethekisses) a few weeks ago, this is the FULL version of it! Loved how it turned out. Thank you RFC for having me!!

LIVE TO FIGHT! from Love Imprint on Vimeo.

Quoted from RFC's Facebook page:
"When I first saw Wenhui the small and petite dancer who weighs slightly less than 50kgs at The Color Run 2014, I decided to challenge myself to document her to try out my trainings for two sessions. I just wanna prove to all ladies whether what age and size and fitness level you belongs to, anyone can FIGHT your way to a fit and healthy lifestyle! For someone who has zero experiences in kickboxing, I must say I am astonished with Wenhui's results! Calling all my friends and ex-students of RAY'S FIGHT CLUB, are you ready to come back training with us? :)"


Awhile ago in December 2014, I was invited down by Ray's Fight Club (RFC) to experience their trainings. I of course, was excited yet nervous at the same time since I haven't done such intensive trainings for nearly 3 years, but I've always enjoyed them! Hahaha.

A typical training at RFC starts with a round of running to warm up, before proceeding to the Circuit rounds (which takes 1 hour) and then ending off with a Techniques & PadWorks section that lasts another hour.

For Circuit trainings, each pair will proceed to each station at one time, staying there for 3 minutes before heading to the next - usually in an anti-clockwise fashion - after a 1 minute break. I was paired up with Grace, one of the female members of RFC, who guided me throughout! :)

Grace and I started out with the Partner Sit-ups with Medicine Balls station, where both of us did sit-ups simultaneously while passing the ball to each other everytime we recovered:

Next was V-Ups with Medicine Ball:

And together with this Legs Criss Cross station which is done concurrently with V-Ups, both are an ultimate ab blast workout!:

Here's Ray, the trainer of RFC, demonstrating the use of Battling Ropes. It uses a lot of isolated arm power and it is a really good cardio workout - it got me perspiring in no time even though I was already using the lighter white ropes (the heavier ones are the black ropes):

The trick is to stay focused and breathe out each time you wave the rope up and down:

Next, we went on to the Slamming Ball station. This works mostly on the upper body's explosive power as you lift the Medicine ball above your head and slam it down directly in front of you:

At the Sit-up Bench, one of you does sit-ups while throwing the Medicine ball back and forth to your partner. This trains a lot on the core muscles as well as arm power:

The Tyre Flipping station was one of the most challenging (but pretty fun!!) stations for me. One of this tyre weighs 67kg, which is way more than my own body weight hahaha:

Even my veins have popped out:

These Heavy Jump Ropes work on cardio and overall body agility. Just like how you do your normal skippings, except with a slightly thicker and heavier rope:

Break time!!! Enjoying every moment of that minute hahah:

On to the Stepping Up Exercises! With a medicine ball in hand, we took turns to step up and down the boards which was good training for our leg muscles and coordination:

The Sledgehammer Drills seemed really easy initially, but don't let its looks fool you (how like it fooled me hahaha). The sledgehammer is known to be the main tool used for strength and power development. It helps in improving strength, endurance, flexibility and explosive power.

Each sledgehammer is about 3-6kgs and a lot of control is needed as you swing it up and down to hit the tyre:

"Try to breathe out loud and make some sounds as you hit the tyre." I felt really conscious at first as I wasn't used to making any noise during a workout, but I managed a few "Chhhh!"s and "Urghhh!"s hahahah:

And finally, off to the more interactive and exciting part of the training - the PadWorks! Here, training mats are rolled out, and hand wraps/punching gloves or pads are put on. Time for some real action!:

I haven't had a single clue about Thai boxing (a.k.a Muay Thai) so here was Ray teaching me the very basics of it:

Trying what I've learnt on a punching bag (named Windy, which is also my boyfriend's name hahahahahah. Does that mean I was punching him?):

I thought it was really fun! Hehehe. I kept wanting to punch more.

With the strong girls of RFC!:

And this was my 2nd session with them:

Weights Station - here, one of you work the biceps with dumbbells while the other does Dips exercises to work the triceps:

Tyre Flipping again! It felt better this time round hahaha:

I got to try a new station, Yellow Prowling, which works on the overall body strength as you lean forward and move the weights using your whole body.

Bamboo Ladder with Weights - an easily underestimated station as well, this builds strength and overall bone density as it puts stress on the shoulders.

Oh, and I got to try the black battling ropes that day! :D

I also managed to fight with a real opponent! Yay. I learnt a few more techniques too:

Overall, I felt really great after the sessions even though they were tiring and challenging! It made me feel better about my body, knowing that I'm working it to the best of my abilities. The people in the club were all so friendly, cheery and helpful too! It made my few hours there so much more worth it and I didn't feel awkward at all. Plus Ray, and a few other instructors were so ready to teach and provide clear instructions such that you could understand and perform certain techniques correctly.

Check this video out for more of my experience, and a clearer idea of whatever's happening above!

WOMEN WARRIORS AT RAY'S FIGHT CLUB from Love Imprint on Vimeo.


Here are some of the photos taken for the Shadow Boxing shoot right at the top of this post:

Thank you Ray's Fight Club for having me! I had an enjoyable time training with all the friendly people! :D

For those who are interested in taking up this sport (don't be scared even if it's your 1st time in a fight club like me!), here are some details of RFC:

Ray's Fight Club
Venue: Yishun Sports Hall
Tuesdays: 8pm - 10pm / Thursdays: 8pm -10pm / Sundays: 11am - 1pm
*NEW* All females class - Mondays: 8pm - 10pm


And did you know, RFC was involved in the training of the guys from Ah Boys To Men 3 - Ah Boys to Frogmen?? :) Hence RFC was invited to attend its Gala Premiere last Sunday. Thank you for extending the invitation to me!

Here's wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!! HUAT AH! :D :D :D

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