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Thursday, March 5, 2015

[ADVERT] LOST SG: Escape Room Game

"LOST SG is a real-life room escape game where players have to put together clues, puzzles and race against time to escape from a locked room. Pay attention to every little detail in the rooms, because even the slightest object could be the key to your escape."

I've always loved solving mysteries and reading up detective novels, but for some reason I used to think Escape Room Games were pretty lame. I was invited to one last year but I refused to attend, partly also because I was going to play with a bunch of people I don't even know (imagine getting stuck in a room with strangers....).

However when Ivan emailed me regarding LOST Singapore and I was told I could bring along about 5-6 friends, I thought of my #brunchdategirls immediately and agreed without hesitation! Because even if the game turned out to be really boring, at least I have them for company :)

Here we were at LOST SG @ Peace Centre at 8.30pm last Monday:

At LOST SG there are a total of 5 games/rooms: Alcatraz, Aokigahara, Castiglione, Exodus and Isometrick.
We were given the Exodus room to solve as the rest were already occupied. Each game lasts 1 hour, and there is a countdown timer in the room to keep track of time. There is also a device which you can call for help to ask for hints if you get stuck.

Enslaved and oppressed with forced labor, life as an Israelite in Egypt was tough and difficult. Often beaten up and yelled at, it was not long before the Israelites lost all hope and fell into despair. On a scorching afternoon, a mysterious stranger came to town. An Israelite by birth, he demanded the Pharaoh to release his people from slavery. That moment changed the fate of the Israelites.

It took long before the Pharaoh relented. And on that fateful night, they followed him as the new leader and made their way out of Egypt; hearts filled with hope and joy. Regretting his decision shortly, the Pharaoh made his chariot ready and took an army with him to give chase.


We weren't allowed to bring any belongings and recording devices inside (lest we spoilt the game for others), so the above is a sneak preview of one of the sections in the Exodus room, taken after we were done!

Props for photo-taking to show off our success hahaha:

My verdict? I loved it!! So did my friends. My impression of Escape Room Games totally changed hahaha. The 1 hour flew by and it was really intense (but exciting!) while in the dimly-lit room. The clues were so cleverly planted you have to really think hard and out of the box to solve the puzzles. Thankfully we had Shuwei the smart girl who helped us a lot!
It actually felt a little like Nickelodean's Legends of the Hidden Temple to me hahaha.

Anyway, here are some testimonials from my friends HAHAHA:
Candice: "The puzzles were difficult yet interesting and I felt like a detective for an hour. Feels kinda thrilling when we solved the puzzle and... something will happen."
Yanning: "Exciting, thrilling and adventurous experience in a dark room. A great bonding session with my girlfriends/friends!"
Shuwei: "It's not for the weak... brain."

Thank you LOST SG for having us!!
I'm giving away a pass to LOST SG to 1 lucky follower + 5 of his/her friends on my Instagram (@lovethekisses)! Check it out to find out how to win ;)

LOST Singapore
Peace Centre, 1 Sophia Road,
#03-01/02/03, Singapore 228149

Sun - Thurs: 11:00am – 11:00pm (last game ends 11:45pm)
Fri & Sat: 11:00am – 1:00am (last game ends 1:45am)
Tel: +65 6717 1688

Pricing information
Non-peak hours - S$20.90/pax
Peak Hours (Mon - Fri 6:00pm - 11:00pm / Sat & Sun whole day): - S$26.90/pax
** On Peak hours, players may have to mix with another group unless they pay for the price of 7pax to book the whole room.

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