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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My Talking Tom!

So addicted to the My Talking Tom app after my friend introduced it to me last week hehehe I have my own virtual kitty! Those who grew up playing Tamagotchi would probably love this too.

Look how cute it is!! It just turned into a Kid yesterday :D

Feed him and tuck him in. He gets tired so easily, especially after playing games:

Give him a shower! He can pee and shit at the toilet bowl too and he gets irritated if you try to open the door hahaha:

I love how you can dress and accessorise your Tom and also change the furniture/wallpaper etc. He will squeal with happiness after that hahaha too cute!

Earn coins by playing games, mostly imitation games like Flappy Tom (from Flappy Bird) and Bubble Shooter (Puzzle Bobble) hahahaha.

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