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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

4D3N @ Taiwan (23rd - 26th March 2015): Day 3 & 4

(Read on Day 1 & 2 HERE)

I was too lazy to use my camera for the next 2 days so here are the (pathetic number of) shots from my iPhone 6. I took mostly videos!

Day 3

Went for breakfast at Breeze mall's foodcourt. Here's a mandatory crossing-the-road OOTD shot hahaha:

The Mentaiko Udon was quite good!! Too bad it wasn't mine :(

Decided to try out Cafe.Waiting.Love / 等一个人咖啡 (just beside the foodcourt) since there was once a hype for it because of the movie. But this wasn't the actual outlet that appeared in the film:

Cafe Latte (NT$120 / ~S$5.50):

We also ordered Waffles (NT$150 / ~S$6.80) with honey, whipped cream and nuts. The waffles were crispy with a burnt fragrance which I liked.
The iced coffee 老板娘特调 (NT$135 / ~S$6) we've had - apparently popular among many - tasted pretty weird though:

Clara and I shopped around after that and stumbled across this soft serve shop, Glamair, and we ordered one with 3 tiers of cotton candy! So pretty :D :D :D The soft serve buried beneath was really rich but too milky for me:

At Taipei Fish Market for an early dinner!:

WOOHOO check out our fresh sashimi feast! Everything totalled to about NT$5000 / ~S$220:

Clara and I left the boys and headed to Shida Night Market by ourselves hahaha. It was an exciting experience beating the rain, taking the bus and almost missing our stop.
It was suuuuper cold and windy we bought hot milk tea and sought shelter (but mainly to use the toilet) at one of the food stalls otw to the night market:

We were so tired by the time we got back to the hotel, but we wanted to use up our last bit of NT$ so we had a mini steamboat at 三妈臭臭锅 (just a street away from our hotel) for supper! Here's our Seafood Tofu steamboat:

Clara: "Your cheeks are so red." Hahahahah:

Day 4

Last day here! Our flight was at 3.45pm and we had to check out by 12pm. Clara and I were the first to get ready so we went out for a morning walk hahaha:

Had our own breakfast at 食在好味道 again because we missed the noodles! Also ordered a bowl of Asari Clams / 蛤蜊 and the broth was hot and satisfying:

The really friendly lao ban and lao ban niang chatted up with us as we had our meal, and while the female boss tried to guess our ages we also complimented her on how young she looked (which was true!). We ordered another bowl of clams and the next thing we knew, it came with a bowl full of broth hahahahah compare it to the 1st one we had! She must have been really happy:

And then it was time to leave Taipei. BYEEEEE! :(

Here's an overview of our whole trip!:

For those who are interested/need more information, you can read about my previous trip to Taiwan in June 2014. It's much more detailed over there hahah:
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