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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

8D7N @ Medan & Aceh (24th Dec - 1st Jan 2015): Day 1 & 2

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This must have been the longest post I took to do! It has been ~5 months since I got back from Indonesia but I've only just started on the posts oops. There were about 1200+ photos taken over the 8 days (the longest holiday I've been on!) so I kept on procrastinating hahaha sorry.

Anyway, Windy and I took a trip to Medan and Aceh last year to visit his family + friends and also to have a getaway/holiday. It was my 1st time spending Xmas and New Year away from Singapore and it felt really different!

Day 1

It was my virgin experience on a non-budget airline and I was quite fascinated when there was food provided hahaha:

When we touched down at Medan's airport it was already dark. Windy's buddy, Andy (and his gf), picked us up and we headed for dinner @ Juice & Coffee House 88:

Riyan, another of Windy's childhood friend, and his gf joined us too! Met all of them for the 1st time but they were so friendly:

We never fail to eat Sate when we are in Indo! :D

Love love love these!! But no one seemed to know the name for them:

Chicken rice... but I like SG's better:

Fried snake meat! It took some convincing to get me to try them... they tasted like chicken hahaha:

Day 2

Christmas Day, which is also the day we flew to Aceh! They don't celebrate Xmas much here so it was very quiet compared to in SG.

We stayed at Hermes Palace Hotel the previous night, and we woke up bright and early on the 2nd day for breakfast @ the hotel:

The hotel's restaurant, Sirocco Moonlight Bistro, on the top floor:

Check out the view... woohoo! Pity we had to have a rushed breakfast:

Arrived at Kualanamu International Airport to take a domestic flight to Rembele/Aceh:

Our flight was at 10:50am, but it was delayed due to pretty bad weather at our destination:

So here's our bored faces:

Had a buffet lunch at the airport to kill time:

Finally at around 3.30pm (?!!!! we wasted the whole day mehhhh) we boarded the mini van which escorted us to the plane. By then we were already out of ideas to entertain ourselves:

With our Susi Air hahahaha. I was honestly very very scared to board it......:

It was a small 12-seater propeller-driven plane and we sat right behind the pilots because those were the only seats left. Everyone decided to save the scariest seats for us hahahha:

And we touched down at the 'airport' after ~an hour. There was a vast temperature difference between Medan and Aceh as you can probably tell. Thankfully I was warned to wear at least 3 sets of clothing especially since I can't take the cold.


Our luggages were transported by a pickup!

Andy's father was there to receive us and he drove us to our home for the next few days @ Takengon, Aceh:

And here we were!! Little boy looking super happy to be back home hahaha:

A table full of food greeted us hehehe. Thank you Aunty!! :D

Took a stroll along the small slope beside his house to have a better view of the surroundings:

And that was Day 1 & 2! Didn't get to do much since we spent most of the days travelling.

More exciting adventures for the next few days...! Hopefully I will have the time to blog about them soom hahaha.

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