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Sunday, May 10, 2015

8D7N @ Medan & Aceh (24th Dec - 1st Jan 2015): Day 3 & 4

(Read on Day 1 & 2 HERE / Day 5 & 6 HERE / Day 7 & 8 HERE)

Day 3

Woke up to another chilly day but so glad for these piping hot dumpling soups prepared by Windy's Mum/Aunt that kept us warm:

Andy then drove us out to explore a flower garden!:

The scenery was too beautiful:

Are these eggs?

Simba moment hahaha. Only he would have thought of that:

Lunch time!:

We were supposed to go for a hike right after, but it started raining so we watched some DVDs to kill time.

At around 5pm after the rain stopped we set off! Met so many animals on our way to the mountains:

Pretty kids. They were so eager to be photographed :)

And this was what we were gonna climb - Gayo Highland:

I chickened out at just ~10m up the mountain hahaha. I WAS SO SCARED because the slopes were very steep and slippery after the rain :(

My fear of heights didn't help at all. And there were so many small irritating flies.

I look happy here but throughout the hike these were the top 4 lines I've said:

"Why can't we just walk by the normal flat roads???"
"Can I stop? I want to stop. I'm serious."
"I'm slipping!!! Help me..."
"I cannot....!!! Omg omg omg..."

"Hurry up." Okay >:(

Like a scene from a Korean drama lol:

We were almost there!!! Squatting down made me feel better:

After nearly 2 hours (which was really long according to his standards) I finally reached the peak @ ~2000m above sea level!! No words could describe how relieved and proud I felt hahaha:

And I was finally allowed to trek the 'normal' route back down to the foot of the mountain:

Thank you for pulling me (literally hahaha) from the bottom all the way up!!! And not letting me give up on myself :D
I feel accomplished but I'm probably never gonna do it again HAHA.

By the time we were halfway down it was already dark. Windy's father had to drive up to look for us because he thought something happened to us oops.
We also met a fierce cow while trekking down I thought it was gonna attack us D:

Showered, and we went for dinner @ Resto Gegarang where we had yet another scrumptious meal treated by Andy's parents!:

Everything we had for just ~S$50. SO CHEAP!!!!!!

Headed to get some hot coffee to warm ourselves! Their beans are exactly the ones Starbucks uses, but I thought their coffee was too sweet:

Day 4

Our last day in Aceh before we went back to Medan in the night!:

Hello hello, kitty:

So cuuuutteee hehehe I want to bring it home:

Back home for lunch:

Another Indon dish that I like. Bak Mie was it called?:

MY FAVOURITE BEGEDILS! I ate soooo sooo many of them:

Went out to get more food on their becak:


Our last stop was the temple. Kept praying for our safety back to Medan and also to Singapore because it was the day of the crash of QZ8501 :'(

And it was time to leave!! Thank you Aunty and Uncle for the hospitality for the past 3 days :D

We took the bus instead of the domestic flight to Medan because of the bad weather. Our whole journey was also prolonged to 11 hours due to a landslide, but it was okay cos I slept through almost all of it haha:

Check out my outfit. I was wearing shoes + socks + leggings + sweatpants + knitwear + pullover + blanket + beanie and I was still cold. I was told it'd be very very cold on the bus but this was a little extreme lol:


  1. Omg I know what you mean about praying for flight safety! I was going to fly to Penang on the day of QZ8501 crash and I was already in the departure hall with Jeremy waiting for my flight when I heard the news! I was so scared and uneasy until we reached safely too :(

    1. Whoa that was definitely scary :( Now I worry a lot whenever I fly!!!