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Saturday, May 16, 2015

SEABA Championship 2015 @ OCBC Arena

Late last month I was given the opportunity to perform for the SEABA Championship 2015 held @ OCBC Arena.

It was a challenge that I thought I regretted taking up after the very 1st rehearsal (I felt so lost among the Hiphop dancers and I badly wanted to quit), but then it turned out to be a challenge that I'm very glad to have accepted!! Definitely a worthy experience :)
Thank you so much Theresa, Ahlee and Ryan for this!

(Photos taken by Ahlee, Cheryl, and official photographers)

It was great working with these awesome girls. You all were truly inspiring!!

Something happened at one of the matches on Day 4, but all we can say is: If you resort to playing dirty just to win, it doesn't make you a winner at all. Neither are you a good sportsman :/ Our players fought clean, with honor and integrity, and that's all that really matters.

Day 5 - Final Day!

For the Team SG vs Team Philippines match at 8pm we decided to wear red to show our full support!! :D

Managed to get some photos with the players! They looked so much bigger and taller out of court it was quite scary haha:

And here's one with one of TeamSG's coaches!! He was really kind:

Congrats Team SG! We were all so proud of you! :D

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