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Saturday, May 23, 2015

[ADVERT] Uniqlo - AIRism Active Wear

Uniqlo has recently released a new range and selection of apparels known as the Active and Comfort Wear, and under this is the AIRism series.

Using Japanese technology, AIRism aims to add a layer of air to control in-clothing comfort regardless of environment or climate zone. Its breathable fibres release humidity and moisture trapped, keeping you dry and comfortable. This also means preventing chills caused by perspiration in air-conditioned rooms, which is beneficial for someone like me who catches cold really easily.

"The concept of '+1 layer', makes each day more comfortable.
Even with an additional layer of clothing, the functions of AIRism help release perspiration quickly, keeping you dry and comfortable all day long."

In addition, from playing sports to looking fashionable, AIRism has your needs covered!
Being an active dancer and constantly on-the-go, the 8 functions of a woman's AIRism apparel - Dry, Stretchy, Cool to the Touch, Odor-eliminating, Heat-releasing and Anti-bacterial Deodoriser - suit my lifestyle very well!


This casual AIRism Round Neck Short-sleeve T (S$24.90) is as light and comfy as it looks! Because of its ultra-fine fibres it keeps me feeling fresh on hot days like this.
I also like the wide rounded neckline and the relaxed fit which is really cooling and comfortable!

I wore this AIRism Bra Camisole (S$29.90) to a trial Yoga class 2 weeks ago and I love its ultra smooth texture and added features that kept me dry and odourless. The built-in bra cups (yay to no additional layer underneath!) also provide shape and support without constricting. Another useful feature will be the adjustable straps that help to create the perfect fit for different body lengths.

I love the cutting and color of this UV Cut Mesh Full Zip Hooded Jacket (S$39.90) that I've chosen. Made from light mesh material, it is perfect for the warm weather and also blocks harmful UV rays.
This hoodie is also trendy and versatile enough to be worn for sports or simply on a casual day out! :)

Tie it on your waist for a different look:

This pair of Women's Running Shorts (S$29.90) that I've worn together with the hoodie is also ideal for active sports or leisure. It is light to the touch and the wide elastic waistband provides a gently snug fit:

This AIRism Tank Top (S$24.90) (I love the lime colour!!!) also has ultra-fine fibres that keep me feeling light and refreshed. The high-backed style absorbs sweat from your back, making it ideal for sports or outdoor activities.
I wore this to dance rehearsals a few days ago and it kept me feeling comfortable throughout because of its moisture-retaining and anti-odor technology.
I got a size larger to achieve a slightly relaxed look which I prefer! :)

The last outfit I picked was this Women Pocketable Jacket (S$99.90) in blue. Like all the above, this jacket is really lightweight, making wearing it very breezy and comfortable! It features a high collar and waterproof tape around the zippered pockets help keep rain out. This is a great plus point!! :)

Another good thing about this "pocketable" parka is that is easily compacted into the carrying pouch (right photo) for easy transport:

Thank you so much Uniqlo for meeting my needs! :)

* All the above apparels come in different colours/patterns/sizes.
For more information, check out Uniqlo AIRism's website HERE :)

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  1. Wow!! Your active wear looks amazing. Seriously loved them. I must say that you really have a great collection. Want to buy alo yoga pants for my yoga class. My cousin is using them and is really happy with their flexibility. She recommended me too.