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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Staycation @ Lloyd's Inn (11th - 12th June 2015)

It is almost a yearly tradition for Ruby, Sheryl and I to have a staycation. This time round we had one at Lloyd's Inn after our travelling plans failed due to a clash in our hectic schedules (what's new haha).

Day 1

The check-in time at Lloyd's was 3pm, and we paid a total of ~S$306 for our room:

We're in!! The room really isn't as big as it looks from photos online, but I loved its minimalistic black/white/brown decor.:

The 'famous' stairs that appear in almost every Instagram photo:

The outdoor bathtub:

The upper level is actually just a very small space with a working table:

The shower. Pull open the curtain and it brings you to the bathtub:

The public dipping pool which no one utilised during our stay:

OOTD for dinner! We were headed to The White Rabbit:

Reached an hour early before their opening, so we explored the surroundings and took some pictures:

Finally heading in! Sheryl decided that since it was our (Ruby's and mine) belated birthdays we should indulge a little haha:

Tomato Basil Bread - this was free-flow and we couldn't stop eating it because it was really so good when warm:

Truffled Mac & Cheese (S$16) - our favourite! A little small (appetiser size) for the 3 of us to share and it was so delicious we had to fight for it hahaha:

Sauteed Japanese Seabream (S$36) - I didn't get to try the fish but Ruby didn't have any complaints so I guess it was good haha. I liked the smoked mussels!:

Mushroom Ravioli (S$36) - this looked a little overpriced, and Sheryl found it too bitter for her liking:

Alaskan King Crab Tagliatelle (S$42) - all of us loved this! The pasta was soft, the pork broth was flavourful and the Alaskan King Crab meat was really generous. Yum yum. Would love a bigger portion for this dish!:

Baked Alaska - meringue with Vanilla ice-cream. This came on-the-house after the manager learnt that we didn't enjoy the Ravioli. We've already paid for the bill and were purely giving our feedbacks, so thumbs up for his good customer service!:

Pretty fairy lights:

We decided that fine dining isn't really for us (high price + small portion) hahaha we shall stick to cafes.....

Day 2

Lloyd's Inn doesn't offer food within their premises, and we were too lazy to head to Killiney Coffee Shop for the complimentary breakfast so we delivered McDonald's to our room haha:

Sheryl also bought cupcakes to celebrate our belated birthdays!! :D

Thank you girls for the enjoyable stay!! :D


Flying to Bandung this evening with the #TRDOco! Will be back on the 22nd :)

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