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Sunday, June 14, 2015

[ADVERT] The Face INC - Inspired by skin

"The Face Inc has introduced Dr Rei, the first ever digital skin doctor ... Upon completion of [a] five-minute diagnosis, a personalised skincare regime comprising of propriety products will be prescribed."

2 weeks ago after completing an online prescription with Dr Rei from The Face Inc, I was sent this box of facial products to try! I rarely experiment with new products but I decided to give these a shot as I've heard positive reviews. One of The Face Inc's key features includes having a distinctively higher concentration of active ingredients as compared to other product brands:

All the bottles were carefully packed and covered in bubblewraps:

I like how the liquids are stored in travel-friendly bottles:

Step 1 of my routine starts with this (Clear) Cleansing Gel, which helps in gentle exfoliation and deep cleansing. Because it is in light gel form, it doesn't foam. I feel that it is more suitable for Dry skin (I have Combination skin) so on some days when my T-zone feels a little more oily, I need to pump much more to get the same cleansed effect:

This (Clear) Active Toner helps to maintain pH balance and restores moisture. I like how it is readily absorbed into the skin and it feels cooling too:

The (Rejuvenating) Anti Oxidant helps to counteract the effects of free radicals and stimulate collagen production (very important!), slowing down premature ageing of the skin. It comes in the form a thick serum, but only a thin layer is needed to be applied:

I was very glad to have this (Correct) Eye Serum as I've never taken care of the delicate areas around my eyes previously. At times they feel dry and rough and fine lines will appear.
This serum helps to counter the effects of aging around the eye, and also reduces the depth and volume of wrinkles. It is slightly sticky to the touch but glides on very smoothly:

Lastly, UV Defense is very important but it is often overlooked. I have started incorporating sunblock into my facial routine not too long ago (although sometimes I still forget about it), after realising how much harm sun exposure does to the skin. This non-tinted SPF 50 sunscreen provides the protection I need:

This was my bare face 2 weeks ago:

Close-up of my eye area:

And this photo was taken yesterday, after religiously using the given products every night (on some days I skipped the Day routine):

There isn't a significant difference with the majority of my skin as of now, but I do see small improvements in the delicate eye areas. 2 weeks probably isn't a long enough time to see results, so hopefully with a longer usage my skin condition will get better!

Thank you The Face Inc for all the facial products!! :)

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