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Saturday, June 27, 2015

8D7N @ Medan & Aceh (24th Dec - 1st Jan 2015): Day 5 & 6

(Read on Day 1 & 2 HERE / Day 3 & 4 HERE / Day 7 & 8 HERE)

Okay finally on to the 3rd part of this trip!! Too many photos I am dyingggg. 1 last part to go!!

Day 5

Curry rice and noodles for breakfast:

Lunch @ Uda Sayang:

In here, every single dish is laid out on your table once you get seated. As long as a part of the dish is consumed (e.g. 1 of 5 prawns / a quarter of the fish), you will be charged for the whole plate.
Those uneaten plates of food will be sent back to get heated up and prepared for the next table:

The famous Ayam Goreng / fried chicken thighs!

Windy and I headed to Sun Plaza mall (while Riyan and Andy fetched their gfs) for more food....:

OOTD! I could finally dress lighter as compared to in Aceh haha:

With my reindeers hehehe:

Had desserts @ Teddy Coffee cos it looked really cute but I didn't like what we ordered:

Xmas teddy macarons! :D These weren't too bad:

The rest came and we had another round of desserts (nitrogen ice-cream!) @ Ron's Laboratory:

Avocado Espresso:

My Ultimate Dark Vader! So rich and chocolatey I loved it:

Wicked Ginger Baileys:

He tried to photobomb the logo....

.... and ended up making the 't' fall lololol. Too bad I didn't capture that moment:

Dinner afterwards @ Lembur Kuring!:

And this concluded a whole day of feasting hahaha.

Day 6

Breakfast at Mie Kam Pak! I love Indonesian noodles!!

It was interesting to have half-boiled eggs served in such mugs:

And we had Roemah Indonesian Kitchen for lunch:

Watermelon Soju:

Planned to catch a movie @ Centre Point later that night, after having our dinner:

Paddington Bear!:

Tried the Blizzard at Dairy Queen and I was really quite amused that it didn't drop:

Dinner was Turkish cuisine at A La Turca:

This Lamb Rack was soooo heavenly. I wanted to order one more but this meal wasn't on us so I decided not to :(

Ended the night with Paddington! Hehe.

Okay last part up soon, hopefully!! :D


Back from Bandung on Tuesday and I can really feel a difference between there and here in SG. Somehow even with fewer hours of sleep + more hours of dance rehearsals + falling sick over at Bandung, I don't feel as tired. It must be the weather + lifestyle differences (it is soooo chill there). And of course, technological distractions play a huge role lol.

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