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Thursday, July 2, 2015

8D7N @ Medan & Aceh (24th Dec - 1st Jan 2015): Day 7 & 8

(Read on Day 1 & 2 HERE / Day 3 & 4 HERE / Day 5 & 6 HERE)

Day 7

Breakfast @ Awai: we had noodles again!

Lunch was at Sehati (halfway up a hill) which has a similar concept to Uda Sayang, but the dishes served were pretty different:

Drove further uphill and we stopped by this stall that sells corn!

Hot and juicy; perfect for the chilly weather up here:

Insisted that we check out the Hillpark theme park as we were heading back down. I was already eyeing it on our way up (the pretty ferris wheel caught my attention hehe) and since we had about 2 hours to spare, why not!!:

Had some 4D experience which I can't really remember:

Mandatory shots with 3D glasses on:

Took the Ferris Wheel!:

And of course, the carousel, which I screamed like crazy on hahaha:

These are probably only few rides I will take in a theme park (we played Bumper Cars too! Hahaha).... am not a fan of roller coasters + heights + heart-dropping experiences lol.

Went back home to wash up and we had our New Year's Eve dinner at a nice restaurant called Bel Mondo:

Yes, I couldn't get over the lamb rack from the previous night, so I ordered it here too:

The view back in Andy's house! It was only around 10+pm but the houses around had started putting fireworks to usher in 2015. Nothing major/impressive but it lasted past midnight haha a very different practice as compared to SG.
From the rooftop we could see 2 different displays!:


Day 8

It was the 1st day of 2015 and also our final day here! Breakfast/lunch @ QQ:

Have you already guessed that this was mine?? Hehehe:

Ending our trip with A&W at the airport!:

Will never get sick of their Curly Fries. Please come back to Singapore!!!

Goodbye Aceh and Medan!!! We had a great week there.

Thank you Windy's family, Andy (and family), Henita, Riyan and Vivian for being such good hosts! :D

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