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Monday, August 10, 2015

LASALLE fashion exhibition shoot - Shanghai 3.0

Few months back I was approached by Desiree to help with her fashion project for LASALLE. I was supposed to be a Shanghai dancer in the 1930s but none of us really knew how to portray it hahaha. We just did what we could:

MUA doing my hair!

Look #1:

Look #2:

Look #3 - my favourite series! Hehehe:

Look #4:

Look #5 - this was mostly for the dance video which we shot at the end:

The shoot ended after 5 hours at ~1am, thankfully the place was just 2 stops away from my house.

Group shot! Thank you everyone for having me and being so patient :D

Exhibition day @ DECK!

It was awkward watching myself on the screen so I didn't stay there long haha.

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