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Monday, December 21, 2015

O School Recital 2015 @ Kallang Theatre (27th & 28th Nov 2015)

(Read on my 1st O School recital experience - HERE)

So.... it has been 3 weeks since O School Recital 2015! Just 3 weeks but it feels like it was long over haha.

Shall start off the post by presenting to you my saviour and V.I.P. for this recital journey - Natalie!!! She was the one who did my hair for rehearsals and both of the actual shows. THANK YOU SO MUCHHHH!! Even though you kept saying my hair was dry (but good for such hairdos)...... hahahaha:

With our brudder Marcus who came to pass us some Vitamin C goodness! He didn't watch us though >:(

Part of #teamhaunted, from last year's recital! :)

(Official photos credit to Poey YT)
Segment 1 - Scenes 1 and 3:

The quick change - well, not really. It was 3 minutes long but there were tons to do it felt like a minute hahahah - in between the 2 scenes was the scariest everrrrr. I almost missed the entrance on the 2nd day because my dress took a while to adjust.

It was stockings, shoes, dress, earrings, gloves, white eye makeup, black bottom eyeliner and red lipstick. There was really no time to breathe and calm down hahahaha. Thankfully I had Sarah who helped me with them!!!

HAHAHA. I really didn't expect Bryan to be scared:

Presenting to you.... Team Rags to Riches! :D

And photos with the cast! It was my first time acting on such a big stage but I was glad to be given the opportunity to part of it:

Aning, Pat Jon and Tze Kiat.
Makeup does wonders woohoooo:

Thank you those who came (to indirectly support me. I only asked my family and Windy to watch hahaha)!!

#Elevix! Who were also part of #teamhaunted hehe:


HAHAHAHA. Is she tall, or am I short? Question of the night:

And because I didn't have time to take many photos with my Bob Fosse costume (oh we actually sewed and blinged our own costume!!! Okay yes my Mum did most of it laaahhh) and makeup for both days, I went back home, wore the costume, put on the makeup and asked my Mum to help me hahahaha:

Can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually do miss this already!

I insisted I wouldn't - I wouldn't miss the people (because I felt so much closer to the ones last year) and that I would only miss performing the items. But now I realised it's not true. It was the people in the segment that made it come alive, that made it all so unique and so close to heart. Thank you everyone who has brought this together and made it possible!

I was too unadventurous and scared to audition for other genres, but now I'm actually glad I didn't because I would have missed out being in such an awesome segment!!
This segment has brought us all back to the 1960s... something that I have never experienced in my life since I was a 90s kid. I'm thankful to have learnt so much from the choreographers, and I am so happy and proud to have done a Bob Fosse item (it was really too cool)!!! I wouldn't trade this for anything else. I HAVE LEARNT SO MUCH!! One of the most challenging items I've done so far but I loved it :)
Thank you Clarice, Bryan and Theresa!!

I also acted for the first time onstage which was pretty intimidating (partly because we only knew our roles and story on the 1st morning hahaha) but thankfully the cast were all really fun people whom I could click with! :)


Just 4 more days till Christmas and a little more to 2016! Time really flew by for me this year with so many events packed back to back.
Finally it's time for a breather this month as my journey at The Dance Floor ended sooner than we expected. Oh well, hopefully better things await us next year!!

Have a great Xmas and Happy New Year everybody!!! :D

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