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Monday, December 28, 2015

My epi-Lasik journey 2015 @ Clear Vision Eye Clinic

It's been almost 3 months since my epi-Lasik operation! Have patiently documented my experiences in my Dayre since Day 1, and now I've finally 'imported' them here for those who want to have a more comprehensive overview of what I've gone through :)

I've done my fair bit of research + reading up reviews before deciding which operation to go for, and because my left cornea is slightly thinner than average, I was also encouraged to take up epi-Lasik for a safer choice.

Day 1 (8th Sept)
Currently at Clear Vision Eye Clinic & Lasik Centre waiting for my epi-Lasik surgery with Dr. Tony Ho. The initial appointment was in May but I had too many dance rehearsals then and couldn't afford to take any leaves (epi-Lasik surgeries require around 5 days of MC for recovery).
So today is the postponed date!!! I'm so nervous hope everything will go well.

11.30am: The supposed time of surgery.

~11.50am: Just went through a round of eye tests and a briefing with regards to the Do's and Dont's post-surgery, and also the medications (mostly eyedrops) needed after.

12:22pm: Still waiting for my turn... Doctor just arrived and a guy just went into the operation room. I think I'm next!!

12.25pm: Okay, I'm not... another lady went in.

12:38pm: Finally called to prep for my turn. I was asked to put on some "operation wear" and a few drops of numbing eyedrops were given to each eye. I kept asking the nurse if the operation was going to be painful and she insisted no.

12.46pm: Time to go in!! I was very scared hahaha. They double checked my birthdate and I was asked to lie down. The room was very cold because the machineries needed to be kept at a low temperature. I was glad I wore a few layers of clothing.
More numbing drops were given, and then the surgery started! They performed on my right eye first.
I was asked to keep my head very still and to keep staring at a green light right above me. Dr. Tony Ho clamped my lashes away from the eye, this hurt a little and there was much discomfort but they went away almost immediately.

Something held onto my head (was it Dr. Ho's hands??) to prevent it from moving as any movement will disrupt the process.
Each eye took about 5 minutes; I just kept staring at the light for ~1 min and then more liquid was spammed onto my eye, I felt like my eyes were drowning hahaha. But there wasn't any pain involved at all. Then a protective lens was put into my eye.
Same procedure was repeated for the left eye.

12.58pm: I was done!! :D
And no my vision wasn't immediately clear, I could see but there was this dreamy effect to it.

After exiting the surgery room, I was brought to another room where 4 different eyedrops were given to me at an interval of 10-15mins. These are also the ones that I'd have to put everyday, for the next 1-2 weeks.

1:30pm: Last drop was given and I could leave finally the clinic. I wore the UV shades immediately as I could already feel my eyes getting tired and any amount of light was glaring to me.

Thankfully my Mum was there to guide me - Yes, please have someone to accompany/drive you back!! - as I don't think I could manage walking alone in the sun when I couldn't even half open my eyes. Even with the shades on and my eyes half closed it was really uncomfortable :(
The ride back on the cab was a torture because of the light coming through the windows...

2pm: Reached home and I drew the curtains and switched off the lights immediately. I felt like a vampire.
Continued wearing my shades indoors and I took a nap with them on too.

Reading fine print was REALLY a chore, especially replying messages on my phone.

5.30pm: Woke up for dinner but before that I applied the eyedrops (needed about 3 times a day) as my eyes were very dry. But they weren't as sensitive to light as much as when I first came out of the clinic.
Reading small print was still very difficult, so reading the eyedrops packaging was a struggle.

This was how much I paid in total, exclusive of the pre-Lasik evaluation which I did back in April/May. That was about S$95?? :O

10pm: Done with the final drops for the day, my eyes are still tired and I'm gonna turn in!!

Day 2 (9th Sept)
7.17am: Woke up feeling horrible as it felt like my eyelids were glued together. Had a hard time trying to open them and I was quite scared. It felt like someone was trying to stop me from opening them when I was trying hard to.

7.41am: Cleansed my lids with the wipes provided and started on my 1st round of eyedrops!

Acuity has improved a little especially for fine prints, I didn't have to bring the eyedrops 1cm from my eyes to be able to read them lolol.
But my eyes were still as sensitive to light as ever. They couldn't seem to stay open for more than 5 seconds. I've been wearing my shades the whole time indoors but everything was still glaring to me. And I kept tearing too :'(

I was really bored because all I did was eat, sleep and applied my eyedrops.
And pretended I was looking at something but I was actually closing my eyes the whole time. My father kept asking me: "What are you staring at?" Hahahah.

9pm: Cleansed my lids + last eyedrop, then bedtime!

Day 3 (10th Sept)
~4-5am: Jolted up in the middle of the night because I rubbed my eyes. I was not supposed to rub my eyes in case the preventive lenses fall out or an infection occurs.
I wasn't sure what time it was but I presumed it was about 5am since it was quiet outside with a few cars on the streets.

7.30am: My alarm finally rang. I applied my 1st round of eyedrops for the day and got ready to go out! It was my 1st day of follow-up with Dr. Ho :D

9am: Reached Mount Elizabeth (just beside the clinic) where the follow-up sessions were held! My appointment time was 9.30am.

9.30am: Still waiting for my turn.

9.50am: Finally got called into Dr. Ho's office and everything took less than 3 mins?? Lol.
My eyes were scanned with a machine and I was told that they were healing very well! The cells have yet to 'meet' so everything is still not as clear, but possibly by Sunday it would be better :)

Next appointment's this coming Monday, for the removal of the protective lenses.

8.26am: Only napped once today so far! Which is a good thing I think??
But I'm still boredddd and waiting to instill my final drop for the day!🏻

Day 4 (11th Sept)
7.30am: Woke up pretty easily this morning with my eyes feeling better. Staring at my phone wasn't such a chore either... but I should probably cut down still oops. Previously I had to resort to VoiceNotes to converse over Whatsapp.

Oh, staring at my reflection was so much easier too. Previously I couldn't even look at myself in the mirror.

12.30pm: It was also Polling/Election Day! My 1st time polling hehe.
Wore my shades down and it was okay! No one stopped me lol.

12:45pm: Had the courage to finally use my laptop (but at the dimmest brightness + shades on) because I had to fill in an online form, but I ended up using a little more than I should.

Managed to head out to have a good lunch to celebrate my brother's birthday too. But I had my shades on the whole time.

Didn't feel the need to take any naps today yay!

Day 5 (12th Sept)
9.45am: Eyes felt drier than usual when I woke up, like I've been wearing contact lenses for a prolonged period of time. Actually I felt the dryness last night before sleeping but I thought sleep would make it better :(

Acuity seemed to have gotten a little worse too... boo. Maybe it was the haze that had become stronger (I could smell it from my room) or maybe I've just been using my phone too much.

Managed to go for dance rehearsals today!! Never liked missing rehearsals cos there's always a lot to catch up at the next session.
The haze was so bad just now and the studio wasn't very clean either but I had to dance w/o my shades if not it would drop. I didn't feel discomfort though.

Anyway they became less dry and tired since afternoon! :D

Day 6 (13th Sept)
Went for a friend's food tasting in the afternoon, and also managed to catch a dance production without relying on my shades.

Day 7 (14th Sept)
9.36am: Had my 2nd follow-up at Mount E! Just removed my protective lenses and my eyes felt a little strange and bare haha.

Was instructed to reduce my current eyedrops to just 3 times a day each (instead of once every 3-4 hours every day) for the next 5 days.
After which I will be using another drop known as the FML.

Yeah, check FML out hahaha. Also had a normal lubricant eyedrop to prevent dry eyes! Don't think I used much of this because my eyes felt okay.

I still had to stay away from strong sunlight and outdoor activities. The haze! Omg. But I no longer need to rely so much on the shades while indoors!


Day 23 (30th Sept)
Had the 3rd follow-up for my eyes in the morning! Was given this other eyedrop Lotemax to use after my current FML one was used up.

Was told my eyes are still in the process of recovery, and strong sunlight still has to be avoided!
My right eye has almost perfect vision already, but my left is still a little blurry.

12th Oct
Started on Lotemax.

29th Oct
4th follow-up today - given new drops, Maxidax, to be used after Lotemax was finished.

24th Nov
Finished Loetamax.

25th Nov
Supposed to have started on Maxidax the previous day, but I forgot about it. Started it today instead, 1 drop per day.

3rd Dec
5th follow-up, which was also the last (unless you really need it)! Was instructed to use Maxidax for another 2 weeks and I was done!

18th Dec
Last day of using Maxidax!


That was basically what I've been through! The hardest part was the 1st week of recovery, but after that it was all good! Just be sure to take care of your eyes and never forget to instill those eyedrops regularly :)

Feel free to hit me with any questions, I'll be glad to help!


  1. Now totally perfect eyesight? How to get referral bonus?

    1. My left eye is still recovering, but it will not get to perfect eyesight! For my right eye, yes :)
      I got a code from a blogger! You can google to find, there are a few.

    2. Hi! I understand from research that it's never a guaranteed 100% perfect vision, but why are you so sure your left eye will not get to perfect eyesight!?

      Is it something the DR confirmed, or is it just part of the 'not 100% perfect vision guarantee so that's the best it can be i'm sorry we did our best =)' scenario?

      Did you experience any side effects at all like haze/halo problems afterwards? Is the left eye not perfect affecting your vision/ability to focus?

      Lastly, any regrets about this procedure at all(except that it costs a bomb!!)? Did you have alot of trouble bathing(since you shouldn't wash ur face/eye area)? And would you recommend epi-lasik to anyone who asks you about it?

      Apologies in advance for troubling you!

      'Having Epilasik next week and curious to hear people's experiences'

    3. Hi! I'm not 100% surrrre, but the doctor has told me before there's a risk of it not getting to perfection due to my very thin left cornea. I'm just preparing myself for the worse haha.
      My left eye imperfection is not affecting me in anyway... probably because I've already gotten used to a one-side blindness previously. For those who know me, I used to wear only my contacts in my right eye... so yeah I'm used to that kind of partial vision.

      Bathing used to be a chore.. but that only lasted for the recovery week so it wasn't too bad. My Mum helped me wash my hair for the 1st 2 days haha.

      And nope, not any of those side effects for me! Occasional dry/blurry eyes (the kinds you get when you just woke up) but they go away once you rub them.

      No regrets at all, i am super happy with the convenience. I just hope my money doesn't go to waste because I've been spending a lot of time on my phone and laptop :(

  2. Hello, I am due for my lasik surgery in about 2 weeks & I'm curious as to how the Doctor removed the temporary contact lenses. Do they sting, hurt or cause any discomfort?

    Thank you in advance :)

    1. Hello! The doctor used some kind of 'pincer', but it actually just felt like a normal removal of contact lenses with your fingers! I expected pain but there wasn't any, and it happened very fast :)

  3. What's your power before and after?

    1. I'm so sorry for the late reply!!

      I am not sure actually, I didn't get my vision tested since then. My right eye should be 6/6 but my left is still slightly myopic (you can read my comment to the first qn above)!! :)

  4. Hi there, is the fee is for both eyes or just one eyes?

    Thank you before

    1. Hi, the fee is for both eyes! :)

    2. Is the surgery one eyes first or both eyes together? Sorry for asking too much, I need to gather information before deciding. Thanks before!

    3. One eye first, then the other. But done consecutively :)

  5. I just did lasik last week but I can say that after 2nd following up the vision is still quite blur can I check with u if your clear vision started only on day 23?

    1. Sorry I can't really rmb anymore... but yes somewhere near there :)

  6. Hi, after the surgery are your vision feels the same when you wear contact/glasses or is there any different? How long does it takes for you to adapt? Thanks before

    1. Yes, vision feels the same. The whole recovery process took about 1 month+?

  7. Hi Wenhui,

    I also have very thin cornea, but did Dr Tony Ho say anything about it being the reason for your left eye power been imperfect?

    1. Hi, no he not exactly state the reason... neither did I probe much. I kinda just left it be.... :(