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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Aru & Manyu's Wedding @ New Dehli (18th - 21st Jan 2016)

One of #TRDOCo's dancers, Aru, recently got married in India (after having dated for the past 13 YEARS. OMG) and we flew over to New Delhi to attend her wedding! :D I've never experienced a wedding ceremony overseas, neither did I expect to visit India so soon hahaha.

Day 1
So... my 1st SQ experience didn't start off well at all :(
Firstly, we were told that our aircraft was being downgraded hence the Economy Class passengers (aka us) were all shifted down to the lower deck. Jacq, Melvyn and I were initially on the upper deck and I was looking forward to it! :(

Secondly, after we checked-in and had our luggages scanned, some of our boarding passes were taken away and we were told that they would be returned to us 'later'.
Then, we were told the flight would be delayed for around 30-40 minutes because they needed to cool the aircraft down having been under the hot sun the whole day.
When boarding started, our passes were still not given back to us until much later (I actually got scared lol). Apparently they were trying to sort out the limited seatings now that we were all shifted to the same deck. Some passengers actually didn't get to board the plane at all.... omg.

Lastly, when we boarded the plane and it was still really warm and everyone was talking so loudly. Some seats were mixed up too because of the change in seatings so there were some commotion. Thankfully the novelty of an SQ flight managed to distract me for abit.

Grateful that everything else went smoothly after it was actually a very pleasant journey! :)
Caught The Walk and The Martian during the 5.5-hour flight hehe:

Arrived at New Dehli airport at around 7.30pm India time (2.5 hours behind SG's)! Temperature was about 10 degrees C:

Checked-in to iLodge, where we stayed for the next 3 nights. THANK YOU HUA for agreeing to room with me!!
Didn't get to explore the Taj Mahal while we were there because of our very tight schedule :(

Day 2
Woke up early the next day with some time to spare, so Hua brought me to explore the rooftop and took some photos:

Headed to Ambience Mall in search of Sarees to wear the following day at the wedding ceremony, but they were all too expensive.

Gave up and decided to check out Dilli Haat, a 'street market' recommended by Aru that sells apparels and artifacts. Entrance fee was 50 Rupees for tourists:

There were tons of stalls selling Sarees and we tried on a few! Managed to get one that was so much cheaper than those in the malls. Of course, material was compromised but it didn't matter since I was only going to wear it once haha:

The ladyboss came after we were done with our transactions and requested a photo with us hahaha:

Getting his OOTD taken:

Fredy's Chilli Potato... verrrry spicy:

Was told to try a spiced yogurt drink, called Lassi, while in India. Ordered this Mango Lassi but we thought it was pretty normal! Tasted like the usual mango smoothie:

Chicken Tikka? I think:


Some Egg Roll...:

Took the car to Hauz Khas Village, which was a more artsy and hipster area:

Dumplings from Momo on The Move! Fredy bought the Chicken Cheese momo:

And I had my Chocolate momo!:

It was basically brownie wrapped in dumpling skin but I liked it hehe:

At the end of the Village was the Hauz Khas Complex, which was so beautiful:

That evening, we headed to Aru's Henna Function! It was meant to be a really colourful and joyful event so we were encouraged to dress accordingly.

Getting my henna done! :D

Had to dry our hands against the flames and it took us around an hour. After that it was mostly to keep us warm cos it got reaaally cold:

Innocently getting my OOTD taken....

.... and into the frame came Fredy (I wasn't even aware at that point hahaha):

Theresa joined in as well:

Then there were looooots of singing and dancing!

And finally it was time for a very late dinner:

Day 3
The day of the wedding yay! We were all dressed up in their traditional/modern costumes. Jacq and I took damn long to figure out how to wear our sarees (we didn't manage to do a good job)... it really isn't as easy as it seems:

Our driver took really long to come (we ended up being late!!) so we got an omelette each to satisfy our stomachs first:

Arrived at our destination (which was the same as the night before's) and had a South Indian breakfast spread:

Then we walked to the temple (~3 minutes away) for the wedding ceremony!:

Before the ceremony started, one of the ladies spotted my anyhow-worn saree and offered to help me wear it the proper way hahaha so nice of her!!! So this was the final product yay. So much better and much much easier to walk in hahahha before that Jacq and I had to take really dainty little steps:

Group shot!

Proceeded back for a traditional Banana Leaf lunch reception! There were only 2 long rows of tables so we had to take turns to eat:

We looked like judges on the panel hahaha:

Had to use our hands to eat:

And this looked like we were at an eating competition hahaha:

Their arms were meant to go around Ryan and Clarice who weren't there with us :(

Went back to our hotel where we were supposed to rest a few hours before the dinner reception at night.

(Back in our rooms, started to unpack/change out/slack on the bed)
Hua: Are you going to nap?
Me: Not yet... maybe an hour later?
Hua: Okay, after I'm done with this I'm gonna sleep!

*10 minutes later*
Hua: Okay, goodnight!!

*Hua's phone rang*
Fiona: Ehh you all wanna go out anot ah??
Hua: What?? / Me: YES I WANT!!!!!
Hua: Omggg I was about to sleep!
Me: I don't care, let's go!!! Don't waste these few hours sleeping hahahaha. We should be exploring.

And that was how me, Hua, Fiona, Erwin and Fredy went out hahaha.

Went to the MGF Mall which turned out to have nothing much to see/do... but we saw this Gourmet Popcorn shop and Fiona ended up buying a few packets back home hahaha. Their peanut butter chocolate one was really good!!:

Went to the only other shop that attracted us, The Chocolate Room, for some sweets!:

Lindt Chocolate Milkshake and Snickers Bar Milkshake:

Yummy Chocolate Pancakes:

Banana Marshmallow Pizza:

So glad we came here hahaha I'm missing the desserts already!!

Dinner reception that night was held at a countryclub-like place really near our hotel. Again, our drivers were nearly an hour late... sigh. We contemplated to walk there ourselves but decided against it haha.

Anyway nobody expected the location to be so grand hahahah we felt like we'd just stepped into a palace:

Goooooorgeous couple. I loved their outfits!!:

At the photobooth hahaha:

There were tons of dancing that night too (all in the video below!) it was pretty crazy. Only got to eat our dinner at around 11.30pm we were all starving by then! The food was soooo good.

We were nearly freezing by the time we were done hahaha some of us kept sitting by the fireplace and some of us were just shivering away. I haven't felt like leaving a place so badly. Except maybe when I was in SG's Snow City HAHAHA.

Day 4
And finally it was time to head back to SG! Time flew by so fast :(

Had McDonalds at the airport because they had Paneer hahaha. It was officially my favourite food in India. I didn't even know it was cheese because it felt like tofu and it tasted nothing like the cheese I hate lolol:

The flight back was slightly better! We were the last group to board the plane hahaha oops. We weren't late, but somehow everyone else boarded damn early.

Here's the video that I've compiled! Do watch in HD please heheh:


I'd really love to explore India more when I have the chance (and money lolol)!!! :D It is such a beautiful country.

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