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Monday, January 18, 2016

The Dance Floor S2 - Grand Finale @ Mediacorp (10th Jan 2016)

I've posted Part 1 (HERE) of my The Dance Floor journey previously, and also bits and pieces over at my Dayre, but now that the Season has officially come to an end, I should wrap things up here as well!

Shuffle Round (8th Nov 2015)

Deca-dance (6th Dec 2015)

Reel-World (13th Dec 2015)

As most of you would have known, we didn't get to perform this piece on the actual day.
Parts taken from my Dayre:

"So.. sadly our Dance Floor journey has ended tonight. We were 2 of the groups that have gotten the least number of votes and results were 100% based on audience's votes.
It was very unexpected for us and we were really hoping to present to you what we've wanted to show you this week. Unfortunately those eliminated were not given a chance to perform :(

We tried something different this time round, more playful, less serious and less 'strong', and we were so looking forward to presenting to you on screen. Nonetheless, here it is :)


I cried for the whole hour at Mediacorp... feeling upset, confused and angry at the same time. I questioned my self-worth & ability, I questioned our likability and I questioned whatever had gone through the audience's minds.

It was something I wanted so badly, to get through all the rounds and finally to the Grand Finals which might have seemed a little ambitious at times but I was still pretty confident we could do it."

Our elimination brought quite a stir in the social media world... there were so many non-dancers and dancers out there supporting us and thrashing the flawed system I was actually quite touched haha.
But I got to understand this is how reality TV works: votes, audience, popularity, TV ratings etc all play a very important part in the show. No matter how good you are, if you can't bring all these to boost the show, you are unnecessary.

A piece that brought us so much joy and frustrations, and so many angels around us.. Thank you.

Local-motion Profile shoot @ ACM

Grand Finale Rehearsals (8th Jan 2016)

Grand Finale - Opening item (10th Jan 2016)

Grand Finale - Results show (10th Jan 2016)

Congratulations ScrachMarcs!! You guys did it :D :D :D

THANK YOU ALL who have supported 55 (@fifty5five5) in our TDF journey!! We are very very thankful for those who have stuck around, silently supported us, mentally/physically/emotionally being there for us.
It has been an awesome experience nevertheless... we got to know how the reality TV scene works (the good & bad) and how tough everything actually is behind-the-scenes.

This puts an end to The Dance Floor Season 2. I'm really glad to have been part of it :)

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