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Friday, March 25, 2016

(Former) Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

This afternoon was spent at the former Tanjong Pagar Railway Station after reading about the local stalls and the 90's stuff that were gonna happen today.

Have been taking the KTM train from there to Seremban since I was young (year 1996??), till it closed a few years ago :(
Used to dread going there because it meant leaving SG and I always had to drag myself there in the wee hours, but now I miss it.

Took my DSLR out to take photos (after maybe 4 years?? Lol) because the last time I was here during its closing I was taking photos of it using the same DSLR too.

Windy was very interested in the camera so he ended up behind the lens most of the time hahaha.

Managed to grab the last Royal Milk Tea from Matchaya House:

There were plenty of food and merchandise stalls around but half the time I couldn't see anything because there was barely space to walk on the platform. It was sooo squeezy :(

Bumped into Zhengning!:

Finally got to try the food from The Travelling C.O.W.:

Chilli Crab Nachos (S$6) which felt a little lao hong but the sauce was yummy! Too spicy for me though haha:

Spotted our #TRDOco's ballet trainer, Xiaolin, far away and I ran to her hahaha:

The only stall I managed to take a photo of hahaha:

What it looked like before we left. Too hot and stuffy I couldn't wait to leave.:

Then I saw Jenn hahaha.
"You're drenched!!" Yes I was very much.... lolol:

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