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Monday, October 3, 2016

15D14N Los Angeles - Part I (June 2016)

(Read Part II - HERE / Part III - HERE)

I'm probably the world's biggest procrastinator.... drafted this post 2 months ago but I've only just decided to finish it up hahaha.
Blogging about a trip is always so tiring because of the number of photos I have to filter through and think back what exactly I've done... but at the same time I really enjoy the process because it brings me back to those days and I feel a whole mixture of emotions.

I like looking back at my documentations a few years down the road to know that I've been there and done that!

So anyway, this was Day 1-5 of an LA trip back in June with Clarice! #lovethericetravels :D

Day 1
After a long and tiring 19-hour flight (with an hour's stopover at Narita Airport), we touched down in LAX!!!
Was so looking forward to eating at In-N-Out because soooooo many people have talked highly of it, so yes this was our 1st stop! Hehehe:

The burger wasn't exactly WOOOW for me, but I loved the fries!

Checking-in to our cosy little AirBnB room in Alhambra! We had the loveliest hosts whom we sadly didn't get to take a photo with :(

Here the sun sets only at about 8.30pm, so it was always bright during dinner times haha.
And you probably can't tell, but it was actually veeeerrry cold especially during our 1st two days of our trip because of the strong winds. I wasn't prepared for it at all so I didn't pack any thick clothings with me -.-

Dinner @ Akatora! Yes I know... still having Asian food hahaha:

Day 2
Rented a small car from Enterprise as a mode of transport for the rest of our stay:

Parking meters which gave us so much trouble/confusion.... if there was one thing I dislike about LA, it's the parking system:

Had breakfast at Republic of Pie which easily became my favourite cafe!!! Think we went back around 5 times during the 2 weeks hahaha:


Shopped at The Grove, where all the brands come together. It felt like a mini USS except w/o the rides:

Shopping Queen:

And this was Edge PAC, where we took most of our dance classes!!
Most of the students there were below 20 years old but they were ALL freaking awesome dancers. What was I doing with my life?!

Managed to take Karen Chuang's class after seeing her so much on Youtube!!

Dinner @ Road to Seoul BBQ!! Ended up ordering many many plates of Beef Short Ribs because they were sooooo yummyyyyyyy:

Day 3
The day my I brought my camera out - without the battery D': Sighhh.
So all photos taken with my phone!

Breakfast @ EAT. We wanted to go back to Republic of Pie, but apparently there was some filming going on and someone said Justin Bieber was inside..... but we didn't get to see any celebrities hahaha.

*drumrolls* And the HIGHLIGHT OF OUR DAY/TRIP was this USD$63 parking fine!!!??:


Met up with Sherweine, another SG friend & dancer and we attended a class at Millenium Dance Complex:

Went to Beverly Hills to explore after that! It felt like a different world because everything was so atas there lol.

Sprinkles Cupcakes:

A whole pint loaded with double scoop ice-cream, brownies and cookies:

A cupcakes ATM! We were so fascinated hahah:

Then we drove to the Westwood area for dinner + some more-affordable shopping lol:

Day 4
Roadtrip to LAS VEGAS to catch some shows! We took about 6 hours to get there:

Stopped over at Peggy Sue's 50's Diner to fill our tummies before continuing the next half of the journey:

Back on the roads! Loved the scenery... when you were not the one driving hahaha:

We are finally here!!
Took longer than expected because of the PARKING again.... sigh. Lesson learnt: to leave wherever earlier so there's time to look for space.

Caught the Blue Man Show @ Luxor Hotel which we managed to get seated right on time:

Then we RUSHED to Bellagio (but still ended up missing the opening of it...) to watch 'O' which was FABULOUS.
Now I know why people are willing to pay to watch it so many times because it really made me went speechless at some parts. Everything was just flawless!

And this was a glimpse of Vegas for you... it wasn't as 'loud' and rowdy as I've expected though still quite 'havoc' (especially the dressing) haha.

Booked a room in Luxor for the night so we won't have to drive back in the dark:

Day 5

Breakfast at Egg Slut @ The Cosmopolitan. Saw this on IG and decided to try it!
Queued for ~20 minutes and waited another ~10 minutes for our food but it was worth it!!!! :D :D :D

Look at thaaatt. Even the brioche was yumz:

Shopped at the Las Vegas Outlet Stores (North) where I spent most of my money at. Everything was so cheap!!!
It was where I went broke too... and had to borrow money from Clarice for the rest of my trip since I didn't have a card.... hahahahaha. Oops:

First of the many damages done:

Took a break from shopping at The Cheesecake Factory:

And finally driving back (which we dreaded so much...) to LA:

The beginning of the gorgeous sunset!!!

Noticed a change in scenery from what we saw while going there?? HAHAHA our trip back took ~9 hours.... find out why in the video below!!!

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