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Friday, October 28, 2016

15D14N Los Angeles - Part III (June 2016)

(Read Part I - HERE / Part II - HERE)

I'm finally down to the last part of our LA trip!

Day 10
Empty seat beside me that day because Clarice's 3-day intensive program started so I was ALOOONNEE :( She abandoned me hahahhaa.
I couldn't possibly stay around the house the whole day doing nothing so I headed to EDGE PAC myself to take classes:

I was so scared to drive alone on the LA roads hahahahahaha given that I haven't driven for 7 years prior to this trip... and the roadtrip to Vegas wasn't counted because they were mostly clear straight roads.

But yessss achievement unlocked!! Reached my destination safely hahaha.

Picked Clarice up after her program (woohooo I felt so useful suddenly!!) and we had dinner at Urth Caffe, one of the most recommended cafes during our trip there:

Tried their hot Thai Milk Tea which was very good!!!! :D :D :D
And bonus points for this cute seal art:

Their desserts deserve a mention too:

Trying to get her to take photos hahaha:

Okay good thanks:

This swap looks worse than the previous one we did hahahaah:


Day 11
Started the day off at iHop again! One of the cheapest food places there already lol:

Griddle Cafe for lunch with Sherweine while Clarice went for her program again:

Their food portions were no joke you need to see them in real life haha:

Check out the size of my Red Velvet pancake?! Thankfully this came in a single slice... all the other pancakes came with 3-4 stacks of the same size?!
Everyone could be seen packeting their remaining pancakes in huge boxes hahaha.

After Clarice's program ended for the day, we explored Hollywood! Like Vegas, it wasn't as 'glam' as always portrayed on TV:

Dinner @ Palms Thai Restaurant for some Thai foooooood:

Yayyy finally got my Thai Iced Tea fix:

Day 12
Dinner at BCD Tofu which was surprisingly good (for me) because I never really fancied Korean food:

Refillable appetisers! My favourites were the potato salad and fish:

Our Kimchi and Seafood Soon Tofu sets. Yummyyy:

Day 13
Sunday's lunch @ TruSushi 'n Fish after service:

Went to Venice Beach in the evening! Traffic there + parking was a disaster.... we were stuck on the roads for so long and I think we wasted another hour looking for a parking lot:

A pretty touristy place with merchandise stores and performances... but other than that there wasn't much else to see:

Think we went to BCD Tofu again for dinner hehe. Was craving for it quite badly.

Day 14
Last day of classes at EDGE PAC :(

Explored Santa Barbaba in the afternoon! I liked how quiet and 'proper' the whole place looked.

Anyone used to love Spice Girls too??? Hahahah:

Desserts on a hot day @ McConnell's Fine Ice Creams! So excited to try this after Clarice recommended it:

So... apparently this was called their 'Single Scoop' cone which actually consisted of 2 scoops lol:

And yes, their ice-cream was really worth the try (and price)!! :D

Drove to the Stearn's Wharf which was only a short distance away:

Decided to have our dinner at the Shellfish Company because the menu looked pretty good:

Can't remember how much this crab was, but it was very cheap as compared to SG's:

And I spent a good 5 minutes trying to crack open the shell hahahaha. Finallllly:

Caught another beautiful sunset :')

At that moment I knew I was gonna miss this whole trip boooo.

Day 15
Day 15... which also meant it was our last day thereeeee :(

And of course I had to head back to my favourite Republic of Pie!

Cheesecake Factory again. Last meal!:

Then it was Goodbye LA!
This was the furthest trip I've ever taken... and also the 1st one out of SEA! So happy to have been able to experience so much in such an impromptu trip :D

Thankful too for the loveliest hosts we've had!! Really sad that we forgot to take a photo with them before we left :(
Hope they liked the Milo we gave them since they didn't have it there hahaha.

Anyway, some credit card problem happened during our check-in at the airport so we spent ~20 minutes waiting for the person who was settling with us to explain what information she needed (not sure why but the staff were behaving so secretively we didn't even know what exactly was going on, it was just so confusing and so irritating because we were gonna be late for boarding and they didn't seem to be anxious about it at all.).

So long story short - because Clarice needed some information to be sent to her from back home (it was in the wee hours in SG and day time in LA) and it wasn't obviously gonna happen anytime soon, I was forced to make a decision to either stay another day in LA or make the trip back to SG alone. But because I had a flight to catch to Tokyo from SG the next morning with Windy, I decided to fly back alone while Clarice put up at Sal's place. It wasn't what we planned and looked forward to, but.... :(


Here's the 2nd and last video travelogue for this trip. Enjoy!! :D

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