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Monday, October 17, 2016

15D14N Los Angeles - Part II (June 2016)

(Read Part I - HERE / Part III - HERE)

Day 6
We drove to CHC @ Orange County in the morning. Met some really awesome friends there (like Lace and Megan!) I miss them so much now :( Spent lunch with them and they were all so warm and welcoming.

Dinner @ Daikokuya Ramen! So not used to seeing the sky still so bright when it's already evening time:

Loved the rich broth:

Day 7
It was the first day of Summer which also meant temperatures actually hit over 40 degreesC - a huge turn from the chilly weather we have experienced the past few days. And that was even hotter than Singapore....

Had Aroma Coffee for breakfast :D

Took more dance classes at EDGE PAC, had desserts at Republic of Pie (again hehehe)....

... took another class at EDGE and we had dinner @ Pink Pepper with Claudine, another dancer friend from SG!:

Everything was so good!!! :9

Day 8
The next morning we headed to DISNEYLANDDDDDD!! :D :D :D

Thanks to Lace's friend we got to have free passes into Disneyland woohoooooo:

With MINNIIIEEEE!! She happpened to be right there when we were around the area:

Right after she kissed me suddenly hahahah:

And Mickey!:

First ride was the Tower of Terror which scared me to death. No idea why I decided to go ahead to take it....:

Woohoo spot me!! HAHAHAHA never again omggg. Megan claimed that she couldn't feel her arm after the ride:

I was obviously not taking the roller coaster..... lol. Have fun!:

Another ride, Soarin' Around the World which was an elevated 4D ride and I had my eyes closed 80% of the time.
Only caught glimpses of the Taj Mahal, Egypt, Eiffel Tower (I think??) and I can't remember what ahhahaha:

Getting some yummy Pineapple Dole Whip!

Princess castles!

Went to Mickey's Toontown... the safest place of all lolol:

We got to explore Minnie's House!!

Lace and Megan had to leave after that while Clarice and I stayed back to catch the parade and fireworks!

Everyone getting ready for the parade:

And then... my camera battery went flat :(

Day 9
Breakfast @ iHop the next morning:

I got quite a surprise when I entered the place. Not sure why but after hearing my friends talked about iHop, my impression of it was a bustling place with a little more life, packed with teenagers and splashed with loud colours hahaha.

Explored Ivan's (another SG friend) apartment after taking classes at EDGE PAC, then we had dinner at Shabu-Shabu House in Little Tokyo! Apparently it was quite a popular eating place we queued for quite awhile:


Featuring our dinner buddies Ivan and Sal (the one who picked us up from the airport!). We had a competition to see who made the best soup hahaha:

@ Pinkberry for some froyo with unlimited toppings (yes!! As long as they fit within the cup):

HAHAHA we face-swapped:

Why does she look so normal but I totally look like a guy.

One last part of the trip to go! :) Stay tunedddd~

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