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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

[ADVERT] Philips VisaPure Advanced / VisaCare Micro-Dermabrasion

PHILIPS recently sent me some skincare devices to pamper my skin and achieve salon-style results at home.

Featuring the PHILIPS VisaPure Advanced and PHILIPS Visa Care Micro-dermabrasion:

The PHILIPS VisaPure Advanced (SC5370/10) is equipped with Customized DualMotion technology, and each head that comes with VisaPure has specified levels of rotation and vibration.

The whole set comes with 3 interchangeable heads, a pouch, charger and a storage palette:

Initially I found it a hassle to use because it has to be charged over many hours and there were so many heads to choose from. I prefer my devices straightforward and fuss-free.

However I got used to it after a few usages since the heads pop in and out easily and the mode switches automatically with the specific heads put on (thanks to the advanced Intelligent Head Recognition!).

The 1st head - Deep Gentle Cleansing head which rotates 250 times per minute, cleanses the skin 10x better compared to cleansing by hand.
There are 2 intensity levels, allowing you to start out with the lower one before moving on to the next if your skin does not have any negative reactions.

Rotating 20 seconds each time (right cheek, left cheek and forehead), the brush feels very gentle on my skin and it really removes more make up residue, dead skin cells and dullness.
Thanks to the deep cleansing effect, this will help your skin products to be better absorbed after.

The Revitalizing Massage head increases blood circulation and skin radiance through the 750 gentle finger tapping movements per minute.
The massaging program lasts 3 minutes (1.5 mins on each side of the face and neck), which means ample time for relaxation and absorption of the skin products applied.

It uses a massage technique called Petrissage that delivers a deep level massage to stimulate blood circulation and relax the muscles.

And the 3rd head, Fresh Eyes, delivers 120 nano-vibrations per second for a gentle, comfortable and refreshing massage around the eyes. It is specially designed for the thin and delicate skin around the eyes.

The head is made of material that is smooth and cooling, but the Fresh eyes program lasts only 30 seconds (15 seconds each), which I feel is a little too short to really experience anything significant.

The PHILIPS VisaPure Advanced is retailing at selected SEPHORA stores at S$455.
More information can be found at -


The PHILIPS Visa Care Micro-dermabrasion (SC6240/01) offers a Dual Action Air Lift & Exfoliation system which massages and exfoliates at the same time, encouraging blood circulation and stimulation natural cell renewal.

It comes with a Normal and Sensitive (which I have been using) tip:

I wouldn't say the exfoliating process is enjoyable for me because I am not used to the vacuuming feeling on my face haha. I also have difficult maintaining the suction on my forehead which can be quite frustrating.

It is only to be used 2 times per week (~5 minutes each), and the effects of skin firmness and even skin tone can be expected within 4-6 weeks.
Unfortunately I have not used this device sufficient times enough to see any results yet!

The PHILIPS Visa Care Micro-dermabrasion is retailing at selected SEPHORA stores at S$489.
More information can be found at -

Thank you PHILIPS and Marissa from FleishmanHillard for sending them over! :D


/edit 26/11
I am GIVING AWAY 1 unit of the VisaPure Advanced to 1 lucky winner!!

Simply tell me: What are the 3 modes on the Philips VisaPure Advanced?

Comment in this post with your answer, your name and email for me to contact you :)
(Comments will be screened for privacy.)
Contest ends on 30 November 2016, 2359hrs. Winner will be selected at random.

GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED!! CONGRATS RACHEL SOH! Please check your email soon :D
Thank you all for participating!!

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