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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Therese's Hen's Party @ Conrad Centennial Hotel (29th October 2016)

Last week's Hen's Party for Therese @ Conrad Centennial Hotel! We decorated the room with Halloween-ish items since it was the Halloween weekend hahaha:


Also rented these Unicorn and Pegasus floats which were a little too big for the place:

Lugged them down to the pool! Btw they were so hard to control/navigate once you got onto them... we got quite a few (nasty) stares because we hindered the way of those swimming... oops:

Dinner was from Marco Marco which has realllllyyy nice fries:

Blindfolded TVT and changed her into a bloody bride outfit hahaha.

And I finally got to dress up as a cat after so many years of wanting to be one on Halloween!!:

Didn't take many photos cos I was busy taking videos instead. Compiled that night all belowwwww so watch it!

One more week to her BIG DAY!!! #mathemarries :D :D :D

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