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Saturday, January 7, 2017

6D5N @ Tokyo (1st - 6th July 2016): Day 1, 2 & 3

(Read Days 4-6 HERE)

Told myself to finish up these 2 parts of the Tokyo trip by the end of 2016, but procrastination got the better of me (again) so they are only going up now :( It has been... 7 months since the trip?? Hahaha sigh.

Day 1
Soooo.. I remember touching down in SG from LA in the wee hours, going back home to unpack from LA and pack for Japan, lugging my luggage to TRDO for training in the morning, teaching my class in the evening, taking Jacq's class after and then heading straight to the airport for my flight which was at 5am hahaha:

And because of that, this view was the only thing I saw just before the plane was preparing for landing:

I knocked out IMMEDIATELY after the safety announcement finished hahaha, woke up for the in-flight breakfast and knocked out again all the way till landing.

Took the train from Narita Airport to our destination which took about 2 hours (where I slept again hahaha):

Windy's sister, who resides there, came to pick us up!

Was pretty impressed by the countdown system for their traffic lights hahaha. I know we have it here too, but the timer starts immediately and it applies to the red lights too. It is also more systematic across the whole city:

Fast forward to a few hours later....

We wanted to sign up for classes at En Dance but ended up at the Police station because???? ...... Mr. Windy dropped his passport in one of the trains......... ON OUR FIRST DAY.
But before we managed to retrieve it back, we did not know where and when it got lost so we traced back every step we took that evening. Went to all the Lost & Found counters but they didn't see any so we decided to make a police report.
There was no news of it until Sunday (he lost it on Friday) when someone from the train station called to say someone returned it. THANKFULLLYYY, if not we would have to make a trip to the Embassy on Monday morning to make a new one.

Anyway, we were so hungry - and I was angry lolol - already we dropped by a random Ramen house somewhere in Shibuya (I think?):

Their vending machine way of ordering ramen:

We each had a portion of Tsukemen! Loved the fatty springy noodles:

There were so many of these toys-catching shops around Tokyo:

Caught the Shibuya Crossing in action at night on the overhead bridge:

Day 2
Started the day with some yummy Mentaiko Onigiri! :D

Explored Kichijoji that morning:


Tsatou Steak House:


And then we had sushi hereeeee hehehe:

Ended up at Calico Cat Cafe because the one I wanted to go to (can't remember which anymore) had a long waiting time:

So cuuuttte:

The fiercest cat there that refused to respond to anything but food. He basically stayed put in that spot and stared angrily at everyone for the loooongest time.....

.... but jumped off very unexpectedly and ended up at Windy's lap for some reason hahaha:

Headed to Harajuku @ Takeshita Street after. I loved it there!! Everything was so vibrant:

Saw some people eating really cute candyflosses and I decided to get one myself too at Totti Candy Factory heheh:

Spot the heart:

Potato Chips with ROYCE Chocolate & Soft Serve (¥410 / S$5). The combination with Royce chocolate wasn't nice :(

Last location of the day: Sunshine City!

I used to love Ultraman!!!:

The main purpose of visiting Sunshine City was actually to see the Pokemon Mega Centre hahaha but it wasn't very impressive to me:

OMG why didn't I buy this then D: D: I didn't realise it was only ~S$4:

Highlight of the everything was this place called Toraji!!!!!
We waited about 40 minutes for a table but it was worth it woohoo:

because... OMG x2:

OMG x3:

OMG x4:

OMG x5:

I looooooveeee BEEF:

Everything (food + service + ambience) was excellenttttt and it really wasn't that expensive.
I think we paid slightly around S$40 per person, which is really hard to find in SG with such quality beef!

Bought tickets to the 满天 Planetarium which was very very cool, but also had a super calming effect that made me nod off a couple of times hahahah. The comfortable seats didn't help either:

Day 3
Started the day taking the train up to the Onsen near Mount Fuji! :D

Hehehe Mentaiko onigiri again, along with some Mentaiko sandwiches yayyy:

The train journey took ~2.5 hours and we had to transfer to a bus which brought us right to the onsen, another 20 minutes later:

Yay caught a glimpse of Mount Fuji! But it was mostly covered by clouds:

Finally arrived!

Paid about ¥1100 / S$14 in total??

It was my 1st time at an onsen, so I was stunned the moment I pushed open the blinds because it revealed a huge locker room with many fully naked bodies hahaha. It took me awhile to get used to the sight but of course I had to conceal my expressions and pretend that I've been there a hundred times hahaha.

We had to bathe ourselves throughly with soap and shampoo before entering the onsens, and it was an open bath concept which was really awkward at first. We had to sit on short stools infront of rows of mirrors which was someething I was not prepared for again hahaha.

And of course, no photo-taking allowed inside hahaha.

Outside, there was a vending machine filled with bottles of milk because apparently drinking them after helps to prevent any giddiness/regulate the blood circulation or sooommeeething like that:

Lunch was at this Japanese restaurant which was famous for their soba noodles!:

Waiting time was about 20 minutes.

Almost all the menus in Japan were written in Japanese only. Thankfully Windy's sister was there to help us read and converse hahaha:

Horse meat sashimi! Can't remember how it tasted Windy says it was awesome!:

Not sure if we were hungry, or if the food was really very good (or both!!) because we wiped off everything pretty quickly haha:

Caught a slightly clearer view of Mount Fuji on the way back but the peak was still covered :(

Had dinner at a Yakitori restaurant near our place:

These may look dry.....

..... but ohmygawddd they were the juiciest stuff everrrrrr. I can still taste them in my mouth now:

I'm missing Japan alreadyyyy!!

And that's all for Days 1-3!! Days 4-6 will be up in the next and final Tokyo post! :D

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