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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

TRDO ACT 3: Cell 12

Hi everyone!! I will be performing with my company and the Associates for TRDO ACT 3: CELL 12 this coming Friday and Saturday @ Esplanade Recital Studio!

It will be one of the most tiring shows I've done and we have all been working very very hard everyday to present this to you!!
So please come down and support us if you can :D :D :D

And if are a non-dancer and are worrying if it will be the abstract kind that no one understands, NO. That's not what TRDO does.
Instead the show is going to be intense, humorous and interactive at the same time so you are definitely gonna be one your toes (not literally....) the whole time!

Tickets can only be purchased at so click click click on the link NOOWW! :)


Last Sunday evening:

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