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Saturday, February 25, 2017

3D2N @ Johor Bahru (3rd - 5th February 2017)

One day in January, in the midst of rehearsals...

Me: "I really need a break."
Fiona: "Omgggg let's go JB!"

And that was how it happened hahahaa.

Day 1
We checked into Replacement Lodge & Kitchen on Friday evening!

Have seen photos of this cafe all over Instagram and I finally got to visit it hehe. I always thought it was just a cafe... obviously I didn't take the 'lodge' in the name into consideration:

The rooms were on the 2nd floor! Love the clean, white look of the whole place:

This was ours - the Loft!:

It wasn't big, but comfortable and cosy enough for 2 of us:

Took a stroll around the area and we saw a brightly lit place in the dark - Specialty Shakespeare Milkshakes!

There was a special 15% discount for takeaways, so we did hehe:

Kinder Bueno shake (RM16 / ~S$5):

Choocolate Banana shake (RM16 / ~S$5):

It started pouring so the stalls at Rusty Market started closing before they could even finish setting up. Decided to come back the next night for it! They mostly open from 8pm till late.

Dinner was at the nearest food place we saw where we had the spiciest Mee Goreng (RM7 / ~S$2.50) ever hahaha. It made us drink our shakes at super speeds:

Went for a full-body massage @ Wang Zu Bu Luo after!

It wasn't the cheapest place around, it was actually one of the more 'atas' ones but it was really worth it!
We paid RM118 / ~S$40 each for a 90-min full body massage which was daaaamn shiok.

Wang Zu Bu Luo Spa
38 Jalan Serampang,
Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Day 2
Rise and Shine! :D

Had our complimentary breakfast downstairs at the cafe:

Turkey Eggs Ben which came with my favourite fish roes:

Classic Breakfast:

Replacement Lodge & Kitchen
33 Jalan Dhoby,
80000 Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Then we got some fried durian from Tasty Bay Foodcourt, just on the opposite side of the lodge:


Cabbed (we took Grab/Uber to almost everywhere) to the Johor Premium Outlets after, which was about a 30-minute drive from our place which cost us RM25 / ~S$8.

Kinda overestimated how much money we had left and spent most of our ringgit in our 2nd shop, Cotton On HAHAHA (hey, we love the apparels there okay) so we were left with nothing much for the many other shops :(
So just about 2 hours there + had our lunch, we went back to our area because it was also a cafe-hopping day! :D

Kone! I remembered reminding Fiona that we had had had to come here... little did we expect it to be RIGHT NEXT to our lodge woohoooo:

Loving the colours and the cute interior:

Even though we reached at about 3pm (they open at 12nn), only their Nano Yogurt was left :(
Was looking forward to having their Matcha and Dark Chocolate soft serves but they were already sold out by then:

2nd stop, Flowers in the Window! This place wasn't striking at all from the outside because it was grey and dark, but one look at their desserts menu and we were both like: "OMG SALTED EGG YOLK (something)!"

But too bad, they didn't have that on sale that day boooooo :(

Earl Grey Pomelo cake, which was slightly disappointing because the it wasn't rich enough for us:

Oreo Brownie which we both loved!

Next up, we walked to this container cafe called Chaiwalla & Co.:

Got our hot Thai Milk Tea fix in the rainy weather:

As you call tell, most (if not all) the cafes there had 2 storeys. Initially I thought the cafes weren't popular because the first levels look empty but actually their 2nd levels are almost always packed haha.

However, these stairs were deceiving because they led up to a space with... nothing LOL:

Other places around our area:

"JB Town":

Googled for the best seafood place and topping the list was San Low Seafood, where we settled for dinner at:

Signature Fried Beehoon (RM7 / ~$S2) - do not underestimate the look of this because it was not just some simple beehoon hahaha.
It was slightly charred on the surface which gave it its crispy texture, and its juiciness came from the "press frying" on the hot wok surface:

Spicy La La (RM16 / ~S$5) - I've loooovved lalas since a very young age, especially the raw kinds.

Nai Bai (RM12 / ~S$4):

Salted Egg Squid (RM21 / ~S$7) - of course, how could I leave this out. It's my MUST-ORDER at every tze char place:

Chilli Crab (RM83 / ~S$27) - woohooooooooo crabs are always a good idea!
I don't usually eat the chilli crabs in SG; I go for Black Pepper or Salted Egg Yolk, but this was really yummy:

Yes, we finished every single thing by ourselves hahaha. Our bill totaled to RM$148 / ~S$49 after GST which was very cheaaaappp??!! That meant just ~S$25 per person.

San Low Seafood
Jalan Merah, Taman Pelagi,
Johor Bahru 80400, Malaysia

So after a long day of food, it was time for some foot massage hahaha didn't know why but our feet were tired.
Bangkok Spa for a 60-min session... couldn't remember how much it cost but it was very worth it again hahaha. Apparently the masseuses had a great time with us too because they couldn't stop laughing at us.

The weather that night was better so we managed to shop at Rusty Market / Pasar Karat after! Wanted to buy souvenirs/gifts from there but despite the huge size of the place we didn't get anything that caught our eye :(

By then it was already like 10pm and we were panicking because we didn't want to go back empty-handed the next day hahahaha. Hurried to City Square Mall and it was a great choice because we found a shop where we spent a good hour in till it closed.

Day 3
Had to head back to SG early in the morning because I had rehearsals, so we booked the 9am KTM train from JB-Woodlands.

But first, breakfast at Kam Long Curry Fish Head!
We chanced upon this place on the 2nd afternoon as we were walking towards JB Sentral. Saw a long queue outside, went back to google about it and realised it was actually a very popular eating place!

The official opening time was 8am but when we reached at 7.45am (we were kiasu hahaha but also because we had a train to catch) the place was already half filled.

Prices went up by RM2 from last year apparently:

Because it was cooked upon order, our food finally came at 8.20am and omg it smelt so good:

It tasted good too! I looovved the curry:

Kam Long Curry Fish Head
Jalan Wong Ah Fook, 80000 Johor Bahru , Malaysia
Daily: 8:00am - 4:00pm

Then it was back to SG! :(

I never understood why people like to go JB over the weekends but NOW I KNOW. I have been missing the food and the shopping since the day I was back... and it's already been almost a month :(


  1. Hello, I chance upon your blog as I am helping a friend find a nice boutique hotel in the City Centre. How was your stay at the Replacement Lodge? Is it noisy? As it is near places of worship. Are the sound proof? Thanks.

    1. Hi! It is not sound proof but it was pretty peaceful for us!
      We were warned of the prayers early in the morning but we managed to sleep through it haha. Maybe also cos we are deep sleepers.