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Monday, February 13, 2017

VXX Co-operative @ Foch Road

Met up with Elaine sometime last week for brunch @ VXX Co-operative! Eugena was supposed to join too but she was sick so it became just the 2 of us:

The place looked so familiar until I realised it used to be 20F Specialty Coffee.

Who's dis pretty girrrrl hehehe:

House Cola and Homemade Lemonade (S$8) - both drinks were pretty special and refreshing, with the latter tasting a little like salted grapefruit soda and needed some getting-used-to haha:

We ordered a few of the Breakfast items to share which came in slightly smaller portions than their Mains.

Portobello Burger (S$8) - with cheddar cheese, Roma tomatoes, kale chips (woooo!) and mayonnaise which we did without.
The bun was soft yet crispy, and it was also my first time biting into a mushroom (not counting button mushrooms) after so many years - this was actually quite yummy:

Beef Chorizo / Potato Hash / Onsen Egg (S$8) - made up of everything in the name, this was verrry addictive but be warned that it was also spicy hahaha:

But it was sooooo good we ordered one more serving after finishing everything else hehehe:

Salmon Scrambled Egg on Croissant (S$8) - eggs and bread are the perfect breakfast combination but it would have been better with smoked salmon hehe:

VXX Co-operative
20 Foch Road, Singapore 209261

Daily: 9:00am - 6:00pm
Tel: +65 8720 0093

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