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Sunday, December 31, 2017

5D4N @ Bali (21st - 25th April 2017): Day 4 & 5

(Read Day 1 & 2 HERE / Day 3 HERE)

I DID ITTTTT. I managed to post the whole trip up by the end of 2017! Hahaha.

Day 4
Didn't sleep much the night before because we had a hiking tour at 4am! So we had to leave our villa by 2am.

After ~1 hour we were up on the Batur Caldera!! This is a good trekking option for beginners:

The view was really breathtaking as we watched the skies and our surroundings transform for the next 30-45 minutes:

Breakfast! The food and drinks were brought up by an elderly lady who climbed up and down the mountain so effortlessly..... in sandals. Omg.

The hike up was nothing much. THE KILLER WAS THE GOING DOWN HAHAHAH BECAUSE NOW I COULD SEE EVERYTHING BELOW ME AND IT WAS SO SCARY HAHAHAHA. I kept thinking I would slip and roll down the mountain.

This was me and my guide 90% of the time (but I wasn't alone... check out Candice at the back hahaha):

Finallyyyy made it down after very long. I swear we took a lot longer to go down than to climb up LOL:

Back at the hotel to chill! We were tired but we didn't want to 'waste' the pool and the floats we brought over from SG hahaha:

Yanning and Candice went for a body massage while the rest of us headed to Livingstone Bakery to get the famous watermelon bread (they were actually just raisin bread lah)! It was my priority for this trip LOL:

Mission accomplished!! We bought yellow ones too.

Last stop of the day: Ku De Ta where we caught our 3rd consecutive sunset in Bali haha.

Dinner at KDT's restaurant:

Themed outfits hehe:

Day 5
Yet another little-sleep night for Candice and I because we decided to go for the Dolphin Tour at 5am! Was dreading it the night before cos I was so tired and I just wanted to sleep on our last night there, but glad we went for it!! :D


We went out pretty far and many hours passed before we finally sighted some dolphins! Then more and more dolphins joined.

Can't believe I didn't take any photos of the dolphins but they were captured on videos (you can watch it below).

We concussed for the whole 2 hours back to our place HAHAHA just like our white water rafting day....


Lunch @ Sisterfields Cafe before we checked out!:


The toilet was very pink and pretty too!!

Then it was GOODBYE BALI :(

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HAPPY 2018 everyone!! Have a great year ahead!! :D

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