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Thursday, December 21, 2017

5D4N @ Bali (21st - 25th April 2017): Day 1 & 2

(Read Day 3 HERE / Day 4 & 5 HERE)

Told myself to put this post up before the end of 2017 if not it will forever not be done!!! Lolll.

Day 1
Checked into our accommodation at The Light Exclusive Villas & Spa in Semniyak! It was hugeeeee... even the bathroom space. Definitely recommended for big groups:

Had our first meal @ Corner House:

Explored Padang Padang Beach which basically had nothing much except for small touristy stalls selling clothes and accessories:

We were not dressed for it obviously hahaha...

.... because we wanted to wear something more 'conservative' for the Ulutwatu Temple! We were given this orange sash to tie around our waists:

Caught the 1-hour Kecak Fire dance (tix were around S$10/pax?) which was apparently very popular among tourists:

It started off pretty okay... but the in-between was super draggy some people left. Luckily it ended off pretty exciting:

Dinner @ Ilga Warung after which served some really nice ribs!:

Day 2
Did white water rafting in the early morning and it took almost half a day, inclusive of travelling time.
I didn't even wanna raft in the first place after watching all the videos with the speed and dropfalls and all.... but they convinced me to do it with them so....:

My raft buddies!

And this was our super funny guide hahaha he took this of himself before taking a photo of us:

Check out the 4-metre drop behind us! Probably not scary for most of you but I had been dreading this the entire time hahaha:


One of Bev's shoes got washed away while rafting... so this was what she made do with hahaha:

Everyone basically crashed on the way back to the villa (Bev took this photo of me to take revenge cos I took the same of hers previously HAHAHA). So freaking tiringgggg omg so much strength needed to counter the waters. Plus all the screaming and laughing our energies were gone hahaha.

Chilled at Potato Head Beach Club in the evening!

Dinner @ KAUM, a restaurant within the beach club itself. Food and service were really good!:

These pork belly skewers were sooooooo crazily good they melted in the mouth:

Celebrated Shuwei's belated birthday too! :)

And we ended the night @ La Favela:

Days 3 & 4 will be up soon! Meanwhile you can watch the video of the full trip here hehe:

Day 3 - HERE
Day 4 & 5 - HERE

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