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Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Merry Christmas!!

Spent Christmas day at Ryan's house! :)

Anyway this bunch of talented people and I will be performing in January 2018!! Come support us at TRDO ACT 4 - We The Singaporeans!!
(I think I've mentioned this before) TRDO shows and events have NEVER failed to meet expectations, so you will NOT regret this as well :D

Get your tickets only at!


Christmas Eve:

Had our dinner at Fatbelly SG! We each got the Set Meal (~S$38++ I think??) which comes with a Main, a Side (we had Truffle Fries and Creamed Kale) as well as a Dessert.

My 150g Flat Iron Steak:

Short Ribs:

THEY WERE BOTH SO JUICYYYY. Too bad the beef portions were very smalllll.
The truffle fries were very addictive too:

And finally our desserts - a selection of 3 scoops of ice-cream and Fois Gras Chocolate Bar.

Do NOT underestimate the looks of the ice-cream! They looked really normal but were packed with so much taste. We had Coconut, Pistachio (my favourite!) and Salted Toffee (Windy's fav!).
And on the right is the chocolate bar which had Fois Gras ice-cream inside omggggg:

Hope everyone had a great Xmas weekenddddd! :D

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